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How about a Umaru thread? It's been a while since the last one.
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no, please stop baiting newfags who can't into sage
Any sane person already did
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*blocks your path*
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Panty never blocks any cock's path.
Good post.

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What's his name again?
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Goblin Slayer
Speedy Gonzales

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Why is most shoujo romance garbage? It's like generic battle shonen, but the tropes are even more insulting
>MC is described as plain/unattractive/ugly yet also are meant to be hot
>Also the MC is usually a useless doormat
>Contrived misunderstandings
>Every single evil guy is also rapey, and also this fact is more or less glossed over

Pic kinda related since it uses some of these tropes but isn't complete garbage
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I like all those shojo tropes.

Who else wants to be the girl?
Is this the ridiculous generalization thread?
>Why is most shoujo romance garbage? It's like generic battle shonen
You answered your own question, so I don't know what you want from us. You're reading the most generic mainstream strand of a demographic, of course most of it is generic and shitty.

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Grand order was a mistake
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There's literally nothing wrong in that picture except emiya look more nigger now
Emiya became the gay priest in the future?
they're really milking this shit series for everything it's got. sad.

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Why don't you give her a hug, anon?
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Because she would break parts of my body before I would be able to be to stretch out my arms
When you are a beta bitchfag, sure.
It wouldn't matter if you were alpha or not

this woman doesn't like physical contact unless you're a grill

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Sequel NOW
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oh my
Fat butt maids are my fetish.
Are you sure?

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It could mess up some of her internal organs?

The ball on her tail is an inverter obviously. That's why it's so sizable. If she were accepting the power directly, it would only need to be a cable.
Her breast size would double.

Please feed your rorigons low-calorie food

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When did the series jump the shark for you /a/?

That moment when you step'd back & knew the series had lost it's momentum and luster
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"Nailed it." - Miura

What did he mean by this?
It happened after the eclipse for me

It's when Guts started getting video gamey items and shit. The fight between that moth girl was really fucking good but we rarely ever see him so motherfucking angry and raw like that ever again.
After the sea god. I could put up with the hiatus and side tracked stories but Miura's art going to shit was the final straw.

Saw this somewhere a long time ago, and idr which anime I saw it in

Short clip here at about 12 seconds


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ITT: Terrible managkas
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He looks exactly like me as an 11 year old
that worries me

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Should I watch konosuba or dragon maid
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normalfag OPM scum fanbase
obnoxious kyoanifag retards

probably just kill yourself to be honest

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Will there ever be another anime season as great as Spring 2014?
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Is that who I think it is? I like her better with the scar.
Why is Aki-lucky so beautiful?
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The whole year was good but you got the wrong season their bud.

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Man this was a fun anime. Too short for me though, could always need more airplane anime in my life.

Yukikaze thread?
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I reaalllllly was hyped for this anime when it was released years ago. The aircraft and visuals are spot fucking on. Mad respect to the artists and model designers.

The story line and characters went a little too "muh deep psyche".
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>caring about story
that part was so sick

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