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Did /a/ like Gantz:O?

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Good lord, did they use those designs in the movie?
God bless CGI.
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>ywn see Reika animated
Looks like shit

Porkchop anime soon right?
Would you watch it a?
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Only if they give her a full suit of this death soldier gear.
Not even as a joke.
What is the plot

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shades of ova.webm
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How important is shading in anime?
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I think it just depends on the genre of an anime. For instance, a less serious plot would mean simpler shading
It depends, but I think expressive drawings are more important than detail.
depends on the tone the show is going for
if it's trying to be gritty and serious like the Gundam OVAs, then yes, shading helps
if it's something more easygoing, like Build Fighters, then shading isn't so important.

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What an unlikable bitch.
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I only watched it for the physical.
will there at least be more of that? I just want to watch her get bullied.
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She is the bully.

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>door opens
>see this
What do
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assault the anime girl
find another bathroom stall. wait......what am i saying.
Ask if I can smoke that fat one with her.

is Initial D worth watching just for the soundtrack?

If the story is good that would be a plus, but I dont think that I could get that much hype with CGI cars.
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Only watch the first two seasons, after that it is worse.

what about the movies?
They have no eurobeat.

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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWdZEumNRmI
Neat, I really dig these lurid "adult" manga. Do you ever plan on working on AEIOU boy? The vibes are similar imo.

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Is Kumiko running the best animated scene of all time?
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Kumiko is the most thought provoking protagonist of our generation
Why wouldn't you start this thread with a webm instead of a still image?
Why is Kumiko so ugly?

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Screenshot (21).png
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Who hyped lads?
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>Giant transformation gimmick
Sounds like will be a pretty boring fight
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WTF I love Rikeeru sama!

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When is Mizukami Satoshi gonna make more shit again? I'm dying here.
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who is your favorite character from his works? mine is pic related
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That's a tough question.

It's either Animus from Biscuit Hammer or Fuuta Okeya's past life Vann. His story was the most comfy.
Isekai manga by Mizukami.

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9 (2).jpg
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How many tumblrfags did this trigger?
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No idea, you tell me. Seeing how you're reading Tumblr Ghoul and all.
it triggers the nips hard.
>tfw virgin protag-kun loses his virginity to subgirl #4
>erection is just rigor mortis

Momo should have been gay.
Risa, too.

Fuck you, Yabuki. So much wasted potential.
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I wish that was Mea in her place. I want Mea to get fondled all over by another girl. And then licked into submission.
God damn, I wish Risa was the heroine. TLR is lewd, but she's on a whole other level compared to all the other girls, Momo included.
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Sadly Ringo only molested Lala & almost Haruna.

Why are harem imoutos such fucking shit?
They (usually) aren't even a fucking optin and still act like they deserve dick
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You'd feel the same if a bunch of sluts were trying to steal your onii-chan
Thankfully Sora isn't from a harem, she is from a romance story with non canon "what if Haruka runs away from his feelings too hard" scenarios.
Except that Sora is not just an option but also the main option. You might as well ignore everyone else because she is the true route.

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Washizu arc ending in 3 chapters after 20 years.


I honeslty have a hard time seeing this end well
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I read like three volumes recently

They encompassed like one turn.
>washizu arc ends after 20 years with a cliffhanger related to the next arc
The ride never end, boys.
Doesn't Akagi end with him being old and killing himself?

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let's trigger /a/ with one image
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kill rossiu.jpg
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You are like a little babby.

Watch this.
How's one butthurt spammer something to trigger the whole board?

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