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Who is the sluttiest Seiren?
How is the new girl planning to outslut the competition?
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It's Ikuo
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I never understood the point of flashing panties and ecchi in general.

if you want porn watch porn, why half ass it?

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Was it autism?
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Will it work as live action drama?
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Doesn't work in any medium. Kazusa a shit.
It can't get any shittier. So it will probably work.
>Setsunafags still mad

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Aside Initial D why aren't there more racing anime in recent years?
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Because moeshit dominates.

And Ah! My Goddess was racing manga if people bothered to read it.
takumi is asexual retard, im glad he got cucked
Wangan Midnight, Over Rev!

Nobody bothered to translate Over Rev, the last few """"translations"""" are a fucking joke. And even these before it weren't of very high quality.

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Are you ready to get comfy?
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Is this yuri?
>We want the gochiusa/kiniro mosaic/urara audience

Looks like another generic cute girls show. They aren't even trying to make the designs look less bland
That CG looks really rough.

I have just finished Tsukihime. Who was best girl?
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Akiha is one of the few tsuderes done right. He sex scene is most cringey though.
Arcueid berserk
Best girl among all TM girls.

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Next episode PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO9hINW62FA

What did the loli see?
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Shizuru is my waifu.
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Pizza, probably. Loli haet pizza.

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Small omake

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Does this mean Laius stabbed his imouto in the eye and throat? Is that an advanced form of bullying?
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Guess these guys don't go in for dirty jokes
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Chilchak! Aren't you too young to make such jokes

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Will Meth go thiccer in the next chapters?
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I sure hope so.
What's weird is that we've seen Methonium go way thicker than this in his h-manga but for whatever reason he is holding back in this.
I'm sure that was just the editor or magazine telling him to tone it down to appeal to more people.
I'm still waiting for the fat tits chapter.

>there will never be an amazing adaptation by kyoani

Why should i keep breathing /a/?
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Or any adaptation of Yotsuba for that matter
>there will never be a generic adaptation by kyoani
>amazing adaptation
You should kill yourself for wanting this.

>no more re:zero
>need to stick to poor literature now
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re zero? more like reddit zero lmao
Re: zero?
More like IQ: zero lmao
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last chapter

Echidna IF


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How was your date with Ume-sama the other day, anon?
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It wasn't really a date, more like six straight hours of relentless sexual abuse.
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I don't blame you, she got the body for it.

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A new key visual for the volume 6 movie.

Teaser also said the movie would come this year, but didn't say what quarter.

I'm super fucking hyped.
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oh shit, i forgot about it
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A teaser video that shows nothing from the movie unfortunately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RFpNIOTw-8
The only thing I remember from this show is that it pandered super hard to otakus who think their vidja made them smarter than everyone else

so tell me, why should any normal person be excited for this?

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Can 2D blondes be topped in terms of beauty and sex appeal?
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yes by 2d blondes with dicks
Yes, after you grow up and develop your own individual taste, instead of succumbing to the "busty blondes, brah" meme.
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KyoAni staff is here ?
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literally /ourgirl/

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