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Any anti-aquafags here? I'd really like to beat the living shit out of you.
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smug aqua.png
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Boomchuuni is my favorite girl, but Aqua is an extremely close second.

Konosuba would be average isekai harem trash without her to keep Kazuma on his toes.
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Why We Watch Kono Suba.webm
3MB, 960x540px

Aquazuma shenanigans literally carry the show to greatness.
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Dumb damegami only good for the sweet tears she cries when bullied.

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Was he wrong, /a/?
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They sure got the nose right
Absolutely not. The only way to escape persecution from the goyim was to establish a country of their own
He ended up admitting that treating muggles the way he did was wrong, but as >>154158388 is saying making their country was probably the right way forward.
He just fucked up how to run it.

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Oh my god she is so beautiful
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[Noel Gallagher - "A Simple Game Of Genius" begins playing]
>Represents Britain
>Not being a Muzzie or Slav

Japs have no idea what the UK is actually like.
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Cecilia easily had the best fantasy life in World Purge.
>TFW you will never be her loyal and beloved servant

>My sides!
Is this an accurate translation of a girl finding something funny?
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>of a girl finding something funny
You can't translate such a situation accurately to a single English sentence.
You mean "of what she said". That's a completely different thing.

If you are going to complain about language, mind your own.
>That's a completely different thing.
It's functional equivalence.
No, it isn't.
Accurately translating a girl finding something funny into English would require you to delve deeply into psychology (or biology, depending on your angle) or you abandon accuracy and all pretense of correctness and use similes or memes such as "my sides". That would be just a cop-out, technically, but it would kind of get the job done.
Meanwhile, accurately translating what she said would require adherence to her words, and possibly 3 to 10 TL notes.

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Ponytail China.
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I dont like it
You will.
Psycho, the Rapist.

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time to create stands, the name have to be like a song and his abilities have to be related with the song, make stats too and a draw opcionally
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A stand that controls the air pressure. The closer you are the more powerful the pressure. It's called Under Pressure
A stand that makes the user's statements factual within a very small radius of themself whenever they follow the statement with "and I can not lie"

[Baby Got Back]
Stand Name: Dancing Queen
Ability: Can turn anything it touches into a missile. It will fly like a rocket, at a speed proportional to the amount of time Dancing Queen touched it before release, and inversely proportional to the object's mass. The speed decreases while the missile gets away from the stand's range. It can turn anything into missiles, including the stand's owner (to achieve flight), other people, and it's own fists in order to punch harder. The missile generates an explosion that doesn't affect the transformed object itself, but the object may break if it's fragile. Breaking the missile in mid air may trigger the explosion, but the fragments will keep flying in different directions.

Secondary ability; Gimme Gimme Gimme: The stand detaches an arm and uses it as a remotely controlled rocket. Dancing Queen can control the trajectory and speed of his flying arm, and can grapple things to push or pull them away. However, getting far away from the stand limits the maximum speed it can keep.

Tertiary Ability; Mamma Mia!: The stand itself turns into a missile locked onto a target. Its lower half adopts the form of a rocket, the upper half remains the same. Its free from the user's range, and even the user's existence, and becomes remotely controlled, its speed constantly growing unless it has to take a turn. It will automatically explode if it encounters an unavoidable obstacle, or if the target travels through time, or if it's unavoidably destroyed, but it will eventually regenerate from the explosion. So, anywhere through time and space, the rocket will follow you indefinitedly. It can only be deactivated by the user, if it's still alive, or by the target's death. Its final objective isn't to explode, but to grapple the target and carry it to outer space.

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>there are people on /a/ who think episodic format means autoshit
>implying Kekkai Sensen is not AoTS of Spring 2015 alongside Hibike
>they forgot Darker than Black went to shit when it leave it's episodic format
>what is Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo
>what is Mushishi
>what is GiTS: SAC
>they think episodic format means monster of the week type of show
>they thinks monster of the week means autoshit when Card Captor Sakura exist
>also early part of Evangelion and Rahxephon,
>they think episodic format means they don't develop major plot at all while actually it's developed with more subtlety rather than throwing it to the face of audience
>they think elaborate plot more important than good characterization which is they key of episodic shows
>even middle schooler with chuunibyou can write shitty fanfic with complex and elaborate plot, yet it's still shit anyway
>implying developing characters is not the one thing that actually need skill and experience

I want underage to leave.
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I agree
>hibike was 2 years ago
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Hibike Euphonium is a better anime than Kekkai Sensen.

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That's a boy

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Is Satsuki here? I'd really like to beat the shit out of you.
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no, she's in my bedroom. you're welcome to join.
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>edge cunt needs forever to overpower Satsuki-sama even though she got alien powers unlike Satsuki-sama
Satsuki is 10 times edgier than Ryuuko.

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You Can(Not) Deny This
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Almost there
The fujoshi were a mistake

Why isn't robot anime popular in the west?
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Because everyone grew out of transformers and glorified toy commercials years ago.
Because everyone grew out of transformers and glorified toy commercials years ago.
Because everyone grew out of transformers and glorified toy commercials years ago.

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Happy birthday Hina!
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Our lord and savior Aqua.gif
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The axis cult is literally a shittier version of jehovah's witnesses but then again their goddess is just as shitty
Prove me wrong
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They didn't try to wake up Kazuma on sunday morning, so they're not.
At least Aqua is real.
They didn't try yet

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What's your opinion on Samurai Champloo, /a/?
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It's a show for little goblins
good show

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What went wrong?
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The VN wasn't translated.
Nothing, osananajimi won.
Viewers went in with the wrong expectations and didn't appreciate an excellent show

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