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Can we have a PaniPoni Dash thread? Who is best girl?
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> Who is best girl?
But Beckie is also cute
マ ホ
What's her endgame?

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ITT characters that come to mind first when you hear their names.
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If I heard a character's name, ego the fuck else could I possibly envision?
Like someone says "Tanaka Asuka" and Goku from Dragonball pops into my head.
You fucking retard.

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For me it's konosuba and gabriel dropout. I watched konosuba season 1 at one point last year and it got boring and repetitive by the fourth episode. And gabriel dropout just seems like another cookie cutter comedy anime.
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>for me
in my own opinion you should fuck off too.
>He doesn't like thought provoking dialogue
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>Monogatari series

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Who is the new director in charge of character designs?

I like him/her
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Muh dick
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Weird how many original characters KyoAni adds in their adaptations.

Why is nobody in the show bothered by her obviously inhuman eyes?
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Because I was too busy being bothered by the show's obvious stupidity.
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it's better than the alternative.
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Was this part of Griffith's plan? Or was killing Adonis just an accident?
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Part of Guts not understanding the concept of "stealth".
Accident. We never saw Griffith recalling any plan or some sort of scheme that he needs to kill that kid. It's an accident.
>randomly wandering kid
>part of the plan
It was an accident, obviously.

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Is /a/ gonna watch the live action movie?
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Is this really the canon ending? This happy wuv married shit?
This is iust a alternate timeline right? Not really the true epilogue of the series
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Not edgy enough for you?
Why did this get 8 movies?
Guy literally survived 10x dose of marijuana only to get raped by his waifu

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That's not fair, Reigen singlehandedly saved anime. He's the best character in the entire media.
The only other character to get close to him is Onizuka.
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best boy coming through

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What went wrong with Trigger?
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More people means better animation and higher quality due to extra quality checking processes.
It shows. Maid Dragon isn't really any special at all.
People too much faith in a studio with a batting average of .250.

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What's the second best anime of the seaon after Maidragon?
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Hand Shakers
But Maid Dragon IS the second best anime this season.
What is the first one?

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Would you say Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a good anime?
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it's actually the best anime.
I had a really weird experience with LOTGH. I watched the first 40 or so episodes (Up until the cadet was watching history documentaries about what Earth used to be like), and then for some reason I just stopped watching.

I really fucking loved how epic the show felt, but I somehow just dropped it. I'm hoping to one day go back and finish it, as the show's soundtrack is worth watching it for that alone

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Asuka's mom is pretty
why didn't KyoAni show shota Shu?
Ribbons a best

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The problem with western anime fandom is they don't realize that Anno is George Lucas of anime because unlike George Lucas, they don't know where is coming from, as many stuff that make Japanese popculture and anime is still unknown to the mainstream people. Which is why many who get annoyed by his western fandom(particularly the NGE fagboys) keep shouting how he ripped off devilman and ideon or no one realizes that Gunbuster's homage to Aim for the top and Mazinger.

I think it's about time to give the man his due.
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Back to first grade English class
>Anno is George Lucas of anime

But Anno is cool, and George Lucas is a worthless no-talent faggot.
Did you have a stroke or something?

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That's one thicc, tight ass
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That's one really long piece of poop.
It's a tail buttplug, you scatological nincompoop.
The butt muscles that must take. Truly that ass is tight

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