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Is your waifu more awesome than mine?

Go here.


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Seems like she is
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She is

Hayate no Gotoku finale countdown 3-THE Cluster Fuck edition


Salt, incoming!
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Maria end?
Is this illusion maria or real maria who was somehow already in the royal garden?
no idea. But for now, it is one big mess to handle. Hata, you can't blame other but yourself.

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Explain why you don't like /ss/
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because shonen are for loli, not busted old hags.
I don't have mommy issues.
/ss/ is good if it's with someone young, artists tend to make anyone past college age to look like sacks of shit.

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WN chapter 123a up on the MEGA.


Oh, and the Garf and Ram story Remonwater recently released, if anyone's interested.

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Is there some sort of compilation or table or something with all the side stories?
What was the bonus LN about for buying all the BDs?

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Fuck off and get /fit/.
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If he's really this non-heroic selfish autist that Toriyama says he is, why did he risk his both his son's life(and fail) to save Hercule and Dende when Buu blew up the Earth?
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Letting your sons die is heroic?
American DBZ is best DBZ
What I'm saying is how heroic personality was so strong he couldn't resist saving them even though his mission was to get his sons. Vegeta would have just ignored them but Goku didn't.

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What does Yosoro mean?
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full speed ahead

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>OP by angela
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>OP/ED by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
F-fuck you they're not that bad.
>OP by Ali Project

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I'll start with pic related
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>play the game first so you'll understand the anime!
Who approved that shit? Fuck that shit, my computer can barely handle anime, and now they're making me play videogames?
Komaeda's absolute madman moments were amongst of the few great things about DR3.
But he has just as much screentime in the games. Hell, you even play as him for a short while.

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Mio is a very smart girl, who has a lot a respectful male friends.
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I love Mio!
Posting best Mio doujin.

Fuck Mio, worthless bitch.
I love all those abusive doujins she got.

God bless.

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explain this picture
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Me in the middle.
don't ask us, nobody on /a/ watched that shit
Why no nipples?

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>have arguably one of the most talented team of animators in the industry
>waste their talent on adapting fuckawful LNs with shit-tier writing
>when they do adapt good material they fuck it up by condensing it into a movie that truncates the story and fucks up the pacing
What did KyoAni mean by this?
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>implying they fuck up when they adapt something
List one of their adaptation that is worse than the original material, except KnK.
Why even bother debating on whether the adaptations are worse than the original when most of the original material they adapt is dogshit anyway?
What do you suggest they animated, Anon-kun?

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>The enemy is LITERAL god
What is the purpose of this show?
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Not a fresh premise.
being x is yet to prove itself to be god.
Being x has so far only given power to people, and transferred the protagonist into another body.
Maybe she can crush him with a stone he made but could not lift.

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Yui-chan is best daughter
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>future yui
holy shit
The feels
What the fuck you mean future Yui didn't this bitch die?

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What happened? I thought the first 2 chapters were popular enough for it to be scanned and translated faster.
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Isn't it bi-monthly or something?
It's monthly.
someone already posted chapter 3 Raws a couple of weeks ago

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