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ITT: Anime that were supposed to be the next big thing but got quickly forgotten
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kill me
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Do people actually self insert as the loli in doujins or is it just a meme?
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that's why it's called loll manga
>he doesn't self insert as the loli

I'm a femanon and it helps me relive some memories and old fantasies.

Let's discuss this great manga
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Gets hellishly repetitive and tiring later on, although every fight with giga nigga is pure hype.
Did crazy lady get her babies from MC?
Do you mean that guy with the artillerty and ballistic martial arts style or do you mean the guy that fucked tons of bitches who works for charkteeth lady?

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Is there a worse show than memesuba this season? Even flop dragon is more funny.
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>implying KonoSuba is shit
>anything worse than pedophilia/degeneracy the anime
hand holders or shakers or whatever the fuck that one nobody remembers is

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In remembrance of a legend 3-17-2017 nevar forget
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I can't believe Hiroshi Teshigahara is dead.
Rip in peace Hideki Anno
R.I.P Kentaro Miura

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Have you praised your one and only goddess Aqua already today, /a/?
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Axis cult get out
I want to marry Aqua.

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This has gone too far.
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>still not 5 color haired protagonists playing cards while piloting army jets

I think 3 color haired protagonists playing cards while piloting hoverboards is pretty fucking close. His hair is probably going to change color later in the series too.
But do you see that hoverboard?

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Since everyone's talking about Amagami in the Seiren threads anyway, why not.
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Figured if I was gonna blogpost I would do it in a reply rather than the OP.

This stupid shit right here that I avoided for so long until I was recently talked into watching it, this is the series that's gonna send me over the edge to buy a dakimakura, obsessively seeking out and saving all images and media of my favorite girl, setting my computer and phone backgrounds to a wallpaper of her, putting her theme song on my phone, rewatching scenes of her I liked best to keep her alive in my mind, listening to clips of her voice and looking at pictures of her in bed at night to help me get to sleep, hoping to dream about her, unable to sleep because I can't stop thinking about her.

I shouldn't have ignored this show for so long because I need a support group for this but everyone's gone now. I only witnessed the tail end of the Amagami Challenge threads which were dying out by that point. It seriously took this show to completely set off in my mind just how unhappy I am with my life, and I'm scared it's going to turn me full weeaboo.
Risa a cute.
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Shameless bump before I go sob by myself for a bit.

This girl walks up to you and starts yelling "DESS" for ten hours straight. How do you reply?
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"Oh, look. Another annoying weeaboo. Get the fuck away from me, cunt."
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I am a grown man. I never got into Sailor Moon back in the say. A friend of mine, who is 29, loves this show and he keeps trying to convince me to watch it, but he also grew up watching it and I did not. Without spoiling anything, is this show actually good or is it a show for little girls that my friend only loves because of nostalgia? I watched the first episode last night, and it was okay, but it wasn't anything too special. Does it get really good later?
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You're not from here, and you need to fuck off.
It's okay. I would watch it because holy shit, how have you not seen Sailor Moon?
That being said, it's okay.
3 episode rule, fuck off.

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Is Shaft the ultimate pleb/normie filter?
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Fuck off.
Kill yourself.

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What are the best ED/OP you've heard?

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And my all time favorite

Also should be no question about it's greatness

>posting Smile Bomb
>not posting the superior Japanese version

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A third season for this wonderful series!?
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Judging by the other threads, it seems the answer is no. Shit.
>expecting season 3's for anything in 2017
Asides from all the final episodisms (OP insert song, final monologue) this didn't feel like a final episode.

But it was still pretty fun.

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every battle shounen ever
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Fuck Nihei and his daughter
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