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Hibike Euphonium is still the best anime Kyoani has ever made
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Kumiko is so fucking ugly.
Keion > Hyouka > Nichijou > Koe no Katachi > Hibike > Love Story > Fumoffu > Maidragon > Lucky Star > the rest
This made me throw up a little in my mouth

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>desuarchive is down or barely functional 90% of the time
>fireden is down or barely functional 60% of the time
I miss you so much foolz
I miss you too archive.moe
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Looks like someone wasn't invited to the new secret club
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C'mon there are no other secret club archives. Not any with a search function at least. I'd know, I think.

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How is it that despite thenfact that the sisters are made from her DNA, Mikoto refuses to connect to the misaka network? I mean nothing is stopping her. Different brainwaves? Theyre literally the same person!
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>connect to misaka network
>experience the memories of death
Maybe it has to do with the fact that AC scientists put Misaki and Dolly together as an experiment
She's got no reason to.

Also she'd probably change the Sisters that way, since she's got 14 years of memories and experiences and the Sisters only have a few months each. So she'd probably become the dominant personality.

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Can literally any studio compete against Kyoani 1v1?

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It's gonna flop.
Kinography isn't for everyone.
fuck off

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>tfw Mirua will either die before he finishes berserk or you'll probably kill yourself before you get to see its completion
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daily reminder that black lagoon will never finish either.
who cares, Berserk fell off a long time ago
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Reminder Arms Peddler will never be finished

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Mahmut's character art revealed for the AnimeJapan
>Red Overcoat
Cool, symbolizes the Ottoman authority and administration
Reminiscent of nomadic past of the Turkics, nice one.
>Girly Fez
Goddamnit MAPPA, you can't restrain yourself without putting your fujoshit in it.
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Can't wait for my Balkanlar boy's first nude scene.
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Is this that saudi or something anime?
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>Balkanlar boy
He is from the most genuine Turkish clan Rumeliana
If you want to know who Balkanlar boy is then look no further than the pic related

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What is it with anime and train molestation?
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I wish we got trains like these in NYC, all we ever get is stuff like this.
tfw you could say you were inside kirino

Hey, everyone! Mary Sue incest! Get hyped. Step aboard. Get groped.

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>post yfw no Konosuba S3 EVER
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Good. It's garbage.
Don't worry we're getting it right after Log Horizon S3 !
Why do people like this garbage.

Ok fine its not totally garbage but its still pretty bad.

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mai from phantom sales

Episode 11 is out. Don't know what happened, but everyone's autism was much stronger than usual this episode.
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Full ED when?
Everyone else was taking too long so I was about to make a thread.

According to the Adv on YOMIURI, which is news paper, the animation producer says "the Originals is continuing and the anime can't be finish as it is.
Please look forward from now."
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It better
>Re Zero 2, Index 3 and Code Geass 3 all the same season
Now all that's missing is Spice and Wolf season 3.

I mean fuck, we're even getting more Kino's Journey and Full Metal Panic...

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ITT: Only post girls with at least Ryouka-sized tits.
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Hey, Ryouka! Check this out!

*Touches elbows together*
I want to suck that Dragon's rack

Is this the "smartest" Magical Girls series of all time?
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by which metric?
Naruto for girls is shit no matter how you measure it.
I don't know.

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How well does the manga compare to the anime? Anything in particular that you felt was better/worse?
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The manga is the only Eva material I've actually finished. I liked it, though I've heard it's ending is very different from the anime(s).
Slightly different, more conclusive ending I guess.

Rei is more of a focus
Introducing Kaworu early was a nice idea.

Same as killing of Touji for that extra punch.

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Friendly reminder 2D>3D
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Tell that to the crossboarders.
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I think you are preaching to the choir here
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When will you do it, OP?

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