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was Ajimu the author?
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nope Nisio was

close enough
What's happening in the bottom left?

What kind of demon is this?
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A semen demon
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A 'perfect wife material' demon.
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best girl in the show

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They look like the Kidd/Apoo/Hawkins alliance. Confirmed Jobber.
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Friendly old person.jpg
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>dark and edgy
>goofy monkey traitor
Will Luffy becoma Big Mom's underling?
Yea reality is you need law to get shit done really

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Here anon, aaaaaaa~
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Accept without question, if I don't I may die. Such is love.
I miss the sound of her VA so much.
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*bites off finger*

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akane on the front page.jpg
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New chapter?
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After almost 10 years of waiting, fans will finally get to see "Code Geass" again. According to Sunrise Studio, "Code Geass" Season 3 will commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the series. So what should fans expect in the upcoming "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection"?

"Code Geass" Season 3 will reportedly focus on the resurrection of Lelouch. There are several scenes pointing out that the main protagonist is alive.

In a particular scene at the last season's finale, CC rides in a hay cart and it was driven by a person wearing a hat. It has been speculated that the driver is Lelouch and he has survived the attack.

There are also rumors that Lelouch actually possesses the power of code which is making him immortal. Speculations imply that Lelouch actually got the code from his father, Charles Zi Britannia, whom he killed in the last Season.

Multiple predictions surfaced the internet such as a new villain to force Lelouch to reveal himself. Lelouch and CC, who are hiding from their enemies, will be troubled by this villain. This negative force will try to expose both of them and reveal to the world that Lelouch has survived "Code Geass: Zero Requiem."

CC, on the other hand, looks younger and with a candid expression after being featured by the anime's character designer Takahiro Kimura. Something that is very different from what the anime fans and viewers have seen from the original series.

As per Tripped Media, this may be because Kimura’s art style may have changed over the last year to keep up with the modern animation style. Or this could also be a clue to a significant event in the upcoming third season too.

Everyone is certainly anxious to see what will happen in the third season. Stay tuned to know the latest news about the "Code Geass" Season 3.
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>There are also rumors that Lelouch actually possesses the power of code which is making him immortal.

It's practically stated point-blank in the show. Anyone with a functioning brain realized Lelouch is immortal.
you are 10 years to late
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I don't care about plot, I just want to see more Nunally and her beautiful eyes.

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Is this the comfiest SoL of all time? I think so.
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Read the novels.
Read the comics.
Take everything else with a swig of kossu.
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I'm only talking about the anime because it's the anime board.
The score and the animation gives this really comfortable feeling, especially the episodes taking place in summer.
Literally the best thing to come out of Finland.

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How could other anime compete with this masterpiece?
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I fucking thought you were that autistic anechiral or whatever guy for half a second because of the image.
>laster place
Hahah lain sux
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They can't. Lain is the best anime ever made, anyone who disagrees is just not understanding.

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ITT: Great anime with shit endings
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>Great anime
You sure? tfw I cared more about Yoh and Minatsuki shenanigans than any of the undertaker bullshit
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Episode 10
>Okay, now they've wrapped up Monk dude's plot let's move onto the big reveal
Episode 11
>Alright the Monk's story is still going
Halfway through Episode 12
>Holy fuck why are we still focusing on this literal who and not the main characters?
DMW needs to be revived by a different studio and completely Brotherhooded. The anime cut out entire characters.

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Why is Kanna so soft?
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It's science
I want to punch that fucking face.
Because she is not real.

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Glasses are the best.. THE BEST!!!
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A messy pony tail + glasses = good character design that gives me an erection.
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Look at these curves
File: Yui_with_Nodoka's_glasses.png (1MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Awww yeaahh

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Demi-chan wa.png
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hek yea u watch in kissanime too feels good.
File: 1488078934740.png (137KB, 300x250px)Image search: [Google]
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That is a succubus (asian).
No, not really. It's from youtube

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Coming soon
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How does her handjobs feel like?
What happened with Sento's arms?
It'll be shit like everything Kyoani makes.

File: 3U4OdJT.png (3MB, 3500x1947px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this accurate? Anyone got a better chart?
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I always felt that Beerus and Goku are too low, not only is Goku way stronger than when he just unlocked Super Saiyan God, but we haven't even seen Beerus go all out. Plus they move way faster than the speed of light, so it doesn't matter if you have someone with an incredibly powerful ability if they get sucker punched at beyond lightspeed.
Is there really an anime character called Walmart?
I never watched Cardcaptor Sakura, but what makes her stronger than beings like Beerus?

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Who is this semen demon?
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She's called WSR-san
From the anime Boku no Rulu
thats the wrong anime and thats all ill say loser
Demi-chan wa kataritai
Sakie Satou

I know I'm a nice person

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