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This is Neptune, she is best Nep. Say something nice about her.
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Neptune is an autist and worst Nep.

Noire and Uni are best Neps.
She's an eggplant connoisseur.
She should eat her dinner

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>they see your terminal cancer
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my aunt has that
oh god

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who will be the next 4chan girl after sachiko?
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If must be Yotsuba again

Fuck Hiro and his neo-/a/ bullshit
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I like this one

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NTT is killing the train-kun feed ;_;
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Thank you for your hard work camera.
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Someone tell moot.
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If my moon is correct, the feed should stil be up, but I can't get it to work with IE and Silverlight.

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Hard Mode: Give your anime an obnoxiously long Light Novel title.
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I want to molest my little sister but if I get caught or she tells anyone I might go to jail and be branded as a dangerous individual for the rest of my life so instead I'm trying to study robotics to make a dutch wife that looks and smells like her but it's taking me too long and my dick can't hold it any longer so I commissioned an artist to draw semi-realistic porn of her but he's a demon from another dimension?!?!?.
>MC is a normal high school student
>one day, a girl fall on him from the sky
>she's his fiancée from another world
>harem hijincks ensue

name is "I was a normal high school student but one day a girl fell on me from the sky claiming she's coming from another world and is my fiancée, and now I have to deal with a harem that gives me a lot of problems"
>generic hero saves pure princess and fights against evil ex-knight
>except hero jobs and gets killed, prompting old man sage to send princess's consciousness a few years back in time with the intention of her finding hero, getting him the magic sword, and getting him trained properly
>they go on adventures, she becomes a red mage and falls in love with him, she neglects to tell him his parents are gonna die horribly
>he gets pissed
>they rescue princess's thought-to-be-dead fujo older brother who jobbed against ex-knight and got sold into being a cum slut for old men
>he has AIDs lol
>they kill a innocent looking villager guy who turned into a dragon
And now we spilt into two paths
Cont in next post

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Bugle makes it better.
Prove me wrong.
>Protip, you can't
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Minus the bulge she looks better that way because of how round and soft her face is.
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I like this girl (male)
>Prove me wrong.
Okay, we get rid of Lucoa and focus on every other character instead, or we read the manga.

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This just makes me really fucking sad. Not only is the show itself shit, but they couldn't even be bothered to get the old English voices, the ONE thing that could have made me go back and give this shit a second chance.

I just fucking hate this show so much.
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>Watching dubbed anime

You deserve suffering
Fuck off faggot.

The English dub for Berserk is way better than the Japanese dub, one of the only times I can actually say that.
This is like when they replaced snake's voice actor. It just sounds so wrong...

Didnt know it was so popular
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>Takeru Satoh

I like this guy
But Inu yashiki is garbage.
housewives vote for what to make Live action adaptations though

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Hajimete no Gal.png
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Character designs and cast

Shintarou Asanuma
Yuki Nagaku
Eri Kitamura
Ayana Taketatsu
Yui Ogura
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Why this shit is getting an anime?
Because the era of galdomination has begun
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Our heroine is a rookie:

They got KitaEri for the villainess, though.

Praise the anime/manga gods.

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Is Hideki Anno the George Lucas of anime?
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More like george bush of anime
I see why you'd say that, but to be honest, that's an insult to George Lucas. I give him shit for the prequels too, but I can't deny all the work he put into modernizing cinema and the special effects scene. As shit as the prequels are, they're still far better than what the Rebuilds became with 3.33.
I'd say Toriyama comes closer. Shit like potara fusion suddenly having a time limit is "Greedo shot first" levels of stupid.

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>Using all your powers at once to kill a shitty ant
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>shitty ant
>Netero: "that thing is stronger than me"
>shitty ant

I highly doubt Netero wouldn't have been able to defeat Pitou after seeing his fight with the king, I find it odd that he said that. Guy could have crushed er to pieces more efficiently than Gon did.
Him I mean. Or it.

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When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell
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Cuz you're a piece of shit?
it isn't very hard to tell...
No, because hell is a nice warm place full of open-minded people.

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Man, they shafted her hard this season. I'm mad.
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Do they turned it into tsundere?
I wish she'd get shafted hard...
No. They just forget about her.

give her a face
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