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>3-gatsu season 2 announced
>it'll be on NHK still

Shaft won't find a way they said.
Shaft is dying they said.
I don't remember NHK wanting to greenlight a season 2 for Nichijou.
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Are they doing full adaptation or something?
How can they always get away with it?
Shaft is mainstream now.

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Let's continue the wild ride
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So thoughts on the new Tomie release, does it come with any extra stories like the Gyo hardcover did with those two short stories?
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The End

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Reminder that Shinka is a girl.
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And my bodyguard
A shitty one.
Prove it.

What's better:

Cat girls or dog girls?
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cat boys.
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Did you sniff her, /a/?
common feline urinary syndrome, at the very least add lots of water to your cat boy's food.

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is it just me or is this bitch an extremely inconsistent character

it's like she's a different person every time she shows up

and i'm not talking about her clones
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It's called puberty.
sounds like an excuse for poor writing to me
No, it's actually reflective of Kamachi's good writing.

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Why the hell does /a/ worship cowtits so fucking much!?
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There's so much to worship after all.
Because they're yummy.
Why is Megumin so Megumean?

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Hello, my name is Felicia Heideman. I withheld valuable information regarding enemy troop movements from my superiors, being more concerned with the wellbeing of a single captured enemy than the people of Helvetia and the town under my supposed defense. After my perfidy was discovered by a superior, I held him at gunpoint, tied him up, and threw him in the basement. Incidentally, the same basement where I ran my illegal bootlegging operation with the help of the girls under my command. Prior to the commencement of hostilities, I fired upon our own forces to prevent them from reaching the operations area. I've also been known to get my underaged subordinates drunk and molest them.

Don't even think about court-martialing me. I have friends in high places.
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Truly worst girl.
>preventing a genocidal maniac from artificiality extending a war by executing an underage girl
b-but muh suffering! muh PTSD!

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Rei or Asuka?
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Waifu wars killed EVA
Anyway, there's no wrong choice, all EVA girls are best girl. Unless you pick mari, you utter degenerate

Did the Americans that grew up watching anime in the 90s to early 2000s knew that anime are from Japan?

Just curious since looking back at the anime that got aired in the 90s to early 2000s, have been heavily edited to remove any tracks of Japanese culture(ex:songs, food, names, etc), so it could appeal more to American kids.
Biggest example would be DBZ.
So another questions that you can answer: Did any of you 90s kids knew that time that DBZ is an "anime" from Japan and not a typical morning show American cartoon? ...And I apologize for this in advanced, but I am not trying to be offensive.
Did any of you 90s kids, at that time, even know the existence of Japan?
I repeat this question only applies to Americans who grew up watching anime in the 90s to early 2000s
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>Did any of you 90s kids, at that time, even know the existence of Japan?
Not American, but I'm pretty sure that they would've at least known Japan as the country that pumps out new technology at an massive rate, as well as the country their dad's car is from.
I knew that Pokemon, and by extent Nintendo, was Japanese. I didn't explicitely know what anime was. I knew very little about Japan. I knew that's where video games, godzilla, and cars came from. I knew jackshit about japanese culture. I also knew that Sayounara as a word, but didn't know it was japanese, it was just like "Hasta La Vista Baby" to me. I came from a tiny ass island in the middle of nowhere, and as a kid the only cartoons I watched was Spongebob and Pokemon, the only games I played were Nintendo games, and I only ever watched Disney movies, so I had a pretty warped perception of the outside world.
Oldfag here.

I remember on TV there was episodes of Astro Boy, but I was extremely young and probably didn't even know that Japan existed.

Around the time I was 8 or 9 one of the friends I used to hang out with came back from visiting his family in Shanghai with bootleg tapes of Dragonball Z. It was a few episodes of the Trunks vs. Perfect cell fight and I thought it was AWESOME. It was miles beyond any cartoon airing at that time. I remember him knowing it was from Japan when he talked about it.

Some time later, one of my older friends found a video store that would rent out anime on VHS (the DBZ bootlegs left a big impression on him). There wasn't much to begin with, but their selection started to grow with time, and really hit its stride right when I started going through puberty. The clerks just thought it was like regular cartoons, so we would rent stuff like Burn Up, Akira, Devilman, MD Geist, Genocyber, etc... Watching Akira fucked me up so bad at the time. After it was over I started crying at my friends house and he had to talk me down. That movie was intense as shit for a 10 year old me.

Around this time, the TV stations started airing Sailor Moon and Dragonball. That was kind of the tipping point for it hitting the mainstream. Things were a little niche for a while, and then DVDs hit the market and absolutely everything began to get licensed.

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Working in a candy store out in the sticks sounds boring.
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Cumming inside Hotaru sounds fun.
Its inconceivable for a candy store to be profitable with so few customers.
She must be a prostitute on the side.

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What is the most Awful Anime you have seen?
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I only watch good anime, sorry.
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Evangelion 2.0
It's airing right now

Why does she wear a mini-hat?
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So you can aim for something when you cum.
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TWO threads with Noucome pics?
This is surely not a coincidence.
C-Could this mean a season 2?!

Just finished watching this okay anime, any other like it? Ive already got Doomed Megapolis to watch.

Also where the HELL can I find the soundtrack to it, I cant find it Anywhere, no matter how hard I look
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Check out Guardian of Darkness, Dagger of Kamui, Wrath of the Ninja, Vampire Princess Miyu, Maryu Senki
Thanks, I had heard of NONE of those! Definitely gonna give them a whiz, are you able to help me out with the soundtrack? Im sorry for the bother, I was hoping maybe someone who could read/write nip could help me out, absolutely NOTHING coming up in english
what was the music like?

Was it like the first Urotsuki Doji?
Some of those tracks were fucking incredible, despite it taking place in horror/hentai.

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Chapter 172 leaks! Get hyped!
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Teru impregnates the entire Shiraitodai mahjong club.
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out of flashback
Sumire now discovers that Saki is the rinshan machine with +/-0 power that Teru fears.
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angry girl is angry

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Haato mofu mofu
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My wife Chino is so cute.
attakai kimochi
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