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Hard Mode: Give your anime an obnoxiously long Light Novel title.

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Hard Mode: Give your anime an obnoxiously long Light Novel title.
I want to molest my little sister but if I get caught or she tells anyone I might go to jail and be branded as a dangerous individual for the rest of my life so instead I'm trying to study robotics to make a dutch wife that looks and smells like her but it's taking me too long and my dick can't hold it any longer so I commissioned an artist to draw semi-realistic porn of her but he's a demon from another dimension?!?!?.
>MC is a normal high school student
>one day, a girl fall on him from the sky
>she's his fiancée from another world
>harem hijincks ensue

name is "I was a normal high school student but one day a girl fell on me from the sky claiming she's coming from another world and is my fiancée, and now I have to deal with a harem that gives me a lot of problems"
>generic hero saves pure princess and fights against evil ex-knight
>except hero jobs and gets killed, prompting old man sage to send princess's consciousness a few years back in time with the intention of her finding hero, getting him the magic sword, and getting him trained properly
>they go on adventures, she becomes a red mage and falls in love with him, she neglects to tell him his parents are gonna die horribly
>he gets pissed
>they rescue princess's thought-to-be-dead fujo older brother who jobbed against ex-knight and got sold into being a cum slut for old men
>he has AIDs lol
>they kill a innocent looking villager guy who turned into a dragon
And now we spilt into two paths
Cont in next post
"I can't believe I have an interesting romantic premise about being trapped with a girl who clearly doesn't love me at the beginning of the story, but we are dating because of some contrived reason, only to devolve into generic tsundere dynamic and a large harem that doesn't even have a chance against her at the end of the story, yet this isn't nisekoi"
An anime focusing on a VRMMO a la SAO (but without the whole death bullshit).

Except it's about a subculture of players who hold unofficial impromptu parkour competitions, races, and courier runs in the game (to the point where some people buy the game solely to be "Runners" and ignore leveling/fighting monsters entirely). MC is a guy who buys the game to kill shit but ends up becoming a Runner quickly on.

Dunno what title I would use for this.
>hero jobs once more
>princess breaks universal rule against mages interfering with duels
>hero dies
>princess cheeses ex-knight because she saw him fight in the past
>falls into depression for a few years
>trains hard with the blade because blames herself
>also she can't use anything more powerful than support magic because of breaking universal rule
>she participates in blade duels to test her abilities
>travels around world with brother, comforting him in his sickness
>probably incest
>suddenly dragons at one of her competitions
>her brother is no where to be found
>random soldier turns into a dragon and kills the one eating people
>get word that other dragons are appearing, throwing society into chaos
>princess gathers a group to travel to the mages college and figure out what to do
>takes soldier with her provisionally
>treats him coldly because he kinda looks like hero but is much less charismatic and favors axes over swords
>pretty much all of group dies except her and soldier
>she sleeps with soldier out of pity
>arrive at mage college
>is shunned
>finds out that dude wearing ancient mask is turning people into mindless dragons
>shoots up the college
>kills old man sage
>maybe filler about princess obtaining ex-knight's demonic blade since she is the rightful owner for slaying him
>dude in mask turns out to be the brother
>pissed off because AIDs and the revelation of princess's mind being of the future
>spouts memes about cleansing society and leaving the strong to survive
>anoints soldier as the dragon king
>reveals that soldier's father was that random dragon shifter that her and hero killed back in the day
>soldier goes nuts and eats brother
>turns on princess and she kills him but sustains mortal injuries
>wanders off into first to die
Other path, extremely undeveloped
>hero doesn't job and beats the holy hell out of ex-knight in his anger
>ex-knight pulls an Aku and sends Knight a couple decades into the future
>hero becomes super hedonistic
>something about hero discovering princess was a pure maiden and waited for him
>he reunites with her briefly and she commits suicide
>hero tries to find a new meaning to life
no one cares
"Somehow it's hard to believe that cute little girls from another dimension will help me become a better person"
>A man is sitting on a bench in a public park
>suddenly a little cute loli comes up to him and tells him that she will turn his miserable life around
>of course, he thinks this is a joke, but decides to humor the girl and tells her about his life problems
>after his spiel she takes him to the loli dimension, where men and grownups have become extinct and has him assist her in making a better world for the perpetual lolis
> The Man who Farted and Sneezes at the Same Time
>MC is author-self insert, both parents are dead
>Get trapped in another magical world
>Tries to save his sister
>Ends up in a party of nothing but hot girls fitting every trope
>anime runs out of funding and is never finished
Here to steal ideas
Steal this:

>Little boy is constantly molested by his older 26 year old sister who is frustrated because men don't look at her at the office. But when little boy MC gets confessed by a classmate, it becomes a battle manga about those two girls, the impure older sister vs the pure and innocent elementary school girl.
>getting dub dubs right before you get banned
"I wish I could get this lucky while posting on an anime inspired imageboard on the internet, but unfortunately I'm just a regular guy with mediocre luck!!"

It's about an older sister who has a younger brother that lusts after her because his soul is actually a lecherous Tokugawa shogun from a few centuries ago.
I must relive the same 80 degrees sunny day when my non-blood related sister who I've peeked on in the shower and whose panties I own suddenly transforms into a pre-historic reptile and now she wants to breed with me even though she has never shown any signs of affection towards me whatsoever also she's apparently from another world and is a demon with magical powers, but in order to use them I must masturbate her overgrown tyrannosaurs rex sized clitoris in exactly 5 meters per second or else I'll shrink into the size of an ant so now I must stop the invading army of fiends from destroying my high school with the aid of my legendary sword zangetsu 2.0 of which I've obtained from the other world I mentioned earlier also my best friend is a school shooter????
>basically standard fare teenagers with magical powers anime
>twist is that the main character doesn't go to high school and because he never does SoL shit he's way more powerful than the other characters
The MC is part of a group of people who were trapped in a VRMMO for years that encouraged permadeath PvP.

As a result, the few survivors who made it out of the game had been reliant on their closely knit group and learned to be paranoid about every other group they met. All of them had spent years killing both NPCs and their fellow humans non-stop, with their "exploits" published online.

Public opinion soon turns against them as news shows run segments with the grieving families of dead players. When a journalist tries to intimidate a young female player into an interview about her human body count of 47 people, more than any single serial killer that has ever been convicted, she reacts on instinct and stabs him to death with a scalpel that she stole from the hospital, and the public outcry is tremendous. Citizens accuse the government of sheltering a group of mass murderers who were able to kill with impunity because it was "just a game", and to prevent their chances of re-election from plummeting, the girl who killed the journalist is tried very quickly and publicly, convicted of murder for all 48 people whose deaths could be ascribed to her.

The other players were shuffled back to their original homes as soon as possible, but most of them were emotionally reliant on their fellow group members and reintegrated poorly. Furthermore, even though their identities were concealed by the government, the reappearance of those people in their communities so soon after caused the rumor mill to turn against them. Those young enough to be in school were several years older than their classmates and disadvantaged by gossip causing them to be known as cold-blooded killers across the school. Older players had it even worse, as they had several years of blank spots on their work history, and couldn't answer questions by interviewers about the time period, resulting in many of them remaining unemployed, or being forced to take lower paying jobs.
The MC does better than average, being able to rely on his best friend/old roommate who was trapped in the game with him, until his friend decides to confront what he had done, and visited the families of each of his "victims" to try and tell his side of the story or ask forgiveness.

This goes poorly, and the friend spirals into deep depression, before hanging himself as the MC left the apartment to get groceries. The MC has a mental breakdown, and after nearly wasting away in the apartment from not eating or sleeping, decided that he can't let the same thing happen to his other comrades.

The rest of the anime consists of him visiting his old friends, trying to "fix" their lives in a desperate attempt to give his own some meaning. Sometimes he succeeds, but often he makes things worse, in one case publicly outing one of them as a survivor of the death game in front of their company's CEO. After trying to help all of them, and seeing the damage that he ended up doing instead, he decides that all he has left is to apologize to the families of those he killed, and then take his own life as well. He's shouted down by families who had just begun to heal again after their loss, enraged spouses still grieving the love of their life, and in one case the young children of two parents that he killed while in the game.

At the end, before he tightens the noose around his neck, he realizes that there was once person he didn't see once more. The girl from the beginning, who was given multiple life sentences with no possibility of parole.

When he visits her at the prison, the first words out of her mouth are "You look terrible, old man." They laugh, and try to catch up the best they can, and before he gets up to leave she stops him. She tells him that she knows he's going to try and kill himself, and begs him not to. He lashes out at her, and tells her to butt out of his life.
How he becomes a runner must involve a cute runner girl crossing paths with him. Most likely since he started the game to fight, maybe he saves her from some enemies, but it would be interesting to se her save him instead. Maybe he's cornered and she finds them a way out. Then he gets introduced to the runners and teams up with them.
She shouts back "What happened to the guy who fought three players to save a girl he never met before? Did the guy who told every last one of us that being able to live another day was something worth fighting for with all your soul just up and leave one day? Are you an idiot? I'll do everything I can to keep living, because even if life sucks, it's better than dying like a loser! You were the one who told me that if we just kept fighting, if we used every last drop of our strength, and every bit of effort that we can, that one day everything would be alright? If a highschool girl can do it, you can, I won't accept any excuses or surrender! It doesn't matter if you don't believe you can make it, because I'll believe enough for the both of us!"

She storms off from the screen, and the MC sighs heavily, before collecting his things and leaving.

As he walks home, it shows the seasons changing, his clothing along with it. His clothes slowly turns into a suit, his messenger bag turns into a briefcase, and his messy hair is cut shorter and in a professional looking style, although it greys with age. As he makes it back home, he opens his apartment, and instead of the trashed room, it's well lit and full of good furniture. A beautiful woman greets him at the door. She asks if he'll be able to stay for dinner, and he says that he has to leave for something important after he grabs his paperwork.

The final scene is him back in front of the visitation screen. The girl from before is in her mid 20s now, and has a scar going across her upper head, barely missing her eye.

He says "You never gave up on me, so now I'm going to repay the favor. I'm going to appeal your case next month, and I promise you, I'm going to get you out of here, no matter what it takes."

She grins widely, and puts her knuckles up to the glass as if in a fist bump, and as he does the same on the other side, the ED music cuts in, only with a faster tempo and a generally more upbeat tune.
>I've Gotten Bored With My Time Loop Harem After Being Trapped In It For 4000 Years But Now a New Challenger Has Appeared!?

Takahashi Keisuke got trapped in a three day time loop. After 4,000 years worth of loops he's mastered many skills and seduced every girl he can find, and he's grown bored of life. One loop, he realizes that things are off - another person is trapped in the time loop with him! Is this new person a threat? Can they work together to figure out how to break the loop? Find out next time on おれタイム

spoiler alert the fellow looper is best girl
>My Little Sister is a Rifle From the Second World War!?
Or if you want a shitty japanese translation:

So my anime is about a guy whose little sister keeps disappearing from time to time, and one day he goes into her room and sees her step into a portal in her closet. He finds out that her and her friends are all World War II guns that turned into anime girls and have to fight a large evil not-germany empire. And the main character has to use the guns because obviously they can't shoot without a user. Unfortunately, they got sent to his time, and so his sister was adopted when he was young because she was a lonely little girl after she got transported to his time. (this allows for a potential incest subplot in his Harem) When he's thrown into the middle of stalingrad he and the girls get their gate back destroyed, so he's forced to fight WWII using them as a sort of vigilante. Eventually leads up to final confrontation with a super-powered anime girl hitler using her own gun-girls.
>I've Fallen In Love With Oda Nobunaga But He's A Girl And Secretly My Sister?!?!?!?!?!

MC's sister is possessed by the ghost of Oda Nobunaga at a Shinto ceremony, and she declares she is going to conquer all of japan again starting with the highschools. MC gets sexually humiliated by her and her friends as Oda Nobunaga has the spirits of his generals possess the sisters friends.
>A (Fairy/Magical Girl/Alien) dropped in and screwed everything up, now I have to deal with it?!?!

A (Fairy/Magical Girl/Alien) drops in from another universe into Takami Hiyoshi's bathtub, and his harem begins! It's not all fun and games however, as Hiyoshi is dragged into the interdimensional war she was running from. he joins the side of the Kibou Rebels, fighting against their tyrannical overlords, the Sen Maou. But this story is not about Hiyoshi. He promptly dies at the hands of the Sen Maou, after being found to be affiliated with this dangerous (Fairy/Magical Girl/Alien). No, the actual MC is the poor bastard who has to comfort the (dimensional girl) and other harem girls after Hiyoshi dies, and frankly, becomes irrelevant. This guy has to clean up all the shitty generic hero messes that Hiyoshi made on his way to a shitty unceremonious end. This guy has to care for the girls who are in grief, and make sure they don't go off and kill themselves on a hopeless rescue mission because Hiyoshi is, in fact, 100% dead, and because the Rebels need all the help they can get and these generic waifus happen to be pretty strong. This guy isn't even that high ranking in the rebel organization, but he's the guy who has to deal with all this, and basically the guy keeping the whole organization and effort together. He's not a pussy, he's not incompetent, and he's not taking any of your shit. He just wants to end this rebellion properly and restore his peaceful life, and these girls are his key to doing so.
Author here, forgot to say any ratings and criticism on this particular idea are appreciated, given that I've had it in my head for weeks and it amused me to no end when I thought of it.
I actually had a similar idea to the MC not actually being the MC.
Episodic in different genres, high school drama where MC is helped to get the heroine, a sci-fi where a mystery has to be solved, a fantasy military where a rival general must be defeated in battle. Each arc has a different set of characters, except one re-occurring background character that plays a pivotal role in helping the MC resolve the conflict. This character is traveling across anime universes against his will each time he resolves an arc, and the arcs are generally not told from the "true" main character's perspective. He uses his meta knowledge about anime to find out the plot and solve mysteries in an attempt to make it back to his world. Working title: Anime ja nai ?!
these are my favorite threads
>in experimental spaceship
>someone does something to engine
>leaks all the coolant out
>coolant is REALLY strong
>so MC is frozen in time, rest of crew dies
>wake up a long long long time later
>humanity is extinct
>found by ayys
>taken to ayy counsel
>all ayy races are in a cold war
>having a last of species would give them mad street cred
>MC goes to different worlds
>has to choose a race to stay with
>[insert generic harem stuff here]
would you watch it?
That's arguably significantly better than my idea.
If we keep memeing it, we might actually end up with an actual series.
>Updated: October 7, 2016


Try harder.
It's a generic battle harem.

Title: I can't believe that I'm a normal high school boy who is secretly the key to a secret all-girl's magic academy's prophecy, and part of that prophecy is falling in love and having a baby with one of them, but all 3287 of the students are my imoutos, and furthermore half of them are traps, and the headmaster is my big-titted childhood friend, and I mean she has big, big, BIG giant tits, you don't even understand how unfathomably incomprehensibly gigantic these tits are, you're probably thinking "oh they're just big tits like anyone else" but that's wrong, you might be thinking "they're unreasonably big tits" but that's also wrong, you could possibly be thinking "these tits are so large you can use them as bean bag chairs" and that's not quite true the texture and consistency of breasts is nothing like a bean bag chair you goddamn virgin, I mean I'm a virgin too that's part of the plot but that doesn't mean I don't know anything about breasts you baka, anyway you could be thinking "are these like planet sized breasts or something" and no you've gone way too far, just think of really big boobs, make 'em ten times bigger, and you'd have a rough idea of how big these breasts are, to help you imagine it we've got two back-to-back two-page spreads showing these breasts and it's still not enough, that's a two page spread for each breast, I mean these breasts are so big that I've run out of space on the front cover AND back cover and am now using the first pages of the book to finish the title explaining just how big these tits are, THAT'S how big these tits are, and also how big her bill is each month, can you even imagine what kind of insane material her bras are made of, let alone how much the weekly back surgeries cost, but the poor girl can't do anything because I'm going to spoil the third book here, it's a curse on her by her sister and it's very traumatic for her and now my editor has a gun to my head so please enjoy my light novel
Title: After spending my entire life dedicated to advocate for purity, I've being tricked into getting married and lost my virginity to a 2nd hand used good slut.

>MC is a massive purityfag who would scream in rage and burn all anime/manga/idol/VA merchandise if he finds out that the anime/manga main heroine is not a virgin or had a boyfriend other than MC and/or calling the idol/VAs used goods/sluts if they are not virgin/have boyfriends/married
>When MC stumbled upon the ideal girl IRL, it's basically love in first sight
>spent time and energy to win her heart and was successfully
>turns out her father is a power CEO business who has partnership in the government and in the underground and he will officially DELETE MC from existence if he mistreats his daughter
>Eventually MC marries his waifu and they both on a honeymoon
>On the first night of the honeymoon, MC and waifu finally performs the consummation of marriage and have sex in missionary position for the purpose of procreation while holding hands
>MC noticed that his penis is able to enter her vagina very easily, no resistance, no pain, no hymen, no blood etc
>MC now realized throughout the time he spent dating her, he never once asked the most important question to her, "Is she a VIRGIN?"
>Waifu finally reveals the truth to MC, she was victim of sexual abuse and torture when she was kidnapped as a loli, when she brought this up now because MC never asked until now
>Being a purityfag, MC became furious that he lost his virginity and his purity defiled to a second hand, used good, filthy slut and screams in autistic rage as beats her
>This triggers the masochist in the waifu from the rape, abuse and torture she received as a loli and she loved every second of it as MC hits her
>MC is also pissed that he can't divorce this slut because her dad is a powerful man and will DELETE him if he tries to divorced her
>Thus begins the newly wed life of an abusive purityfag MC and his masochist used good waifu
girls living in a run down dorm have to do their own home repair and home improvement work. show teaches actual skills and such on how to do woodworking, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Home Improvement + Bob Villa + Love Hina
a club made by nerds who want to do Esports. They are shunned because people think its a dumb idea for a club,but progressively through the story they go to small tournaments and later they git gud and become famous

Armor-san's life with a bunch of goodie magical girls that keep messing the whole world up... again
I find it hilarious how keitai triggers mods. I'd be less entertained by the copypasta if they weren't so bothered by it.
Title: No Way People Love Me

>MC is a girl who thinks that no one loves her because she's ugly, actually no one tries to get close to her because she's too beautiful that girls could love her. So the rules are set to everyone including her same gender.
"I forgot my underwear after masturbating in the girls bathroom and now I have been thrown into a new world where men wear no clothes.
"Confessions of a murderer: how I accidentally became a killer"

A black comedy following a student who is unpopular, a nerd and pervert who inadvertently kills everyone who bullies him, mistreats him or otherwise belittles him. some ideas include
>accidently tripping over a power capable when bringing bullies their drinks and spilling it
>MC quickly runs off to get a mop and towels to clean them
>Spilled drink hits the now half pulled out power cable, bullies sitting in puddle are killed by the electrocution

>swim team captain drops her swim cap and it is damaged by MC when he grabs it and returns it
>swim team captain is a bitch who accuses MC of trying to sneak into the changing room earning him reputation as a pervert
>damaged cap means her long hair spills out of the tear
>gets sucked into the pool filter and drowns her
Would watch.
>MC is alpha enough to earn his harem
>MC actually bang the girls who want his dick
Trinity 7
File: 1471375026525.png (543KB, 3500x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
543KB, 3500x3200px
It's been so long but if I recall it correctly, MC did not bang anyone, did he?
File: giphy.gif (567KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Help! My Big Brother's Magical Imouto Harem Doesn't Believe He's Gay!
A kindhearted, handsome highschool boy discovers that over the course of his life he's managed to assemble a harem of weird adopted little sisters with strange abilities who are all deeply in love with him. However, he's secretly gay, though none of his harem will believe him. His only confidante is his actual blood related little sister(who was raised by other relatives for several years before moving in with the brother), who works with him to foil the advances of the harem. What he doesn't know, though, is that his "sister" is actually a trap cross dressing as a girl to make it easier to express her feelings for her brother thinking he was always straight. Too embarrassed to reveal her deception to her brother, she slowly becomes friends with her brothers unintentional harem even as she secretly tries to dissuade their advances all the while searching for a way to reveal the truth to her brother.
Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 4

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