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Why are all the best wife material girls always either taken or gay? I thought anime was supposed to make me feel less lonely.
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Nothing except yourself can keep you from feeling less lonely.
>not being a lesbian
Can I be a lesbian if I'm a man?

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Appmon second arc.jpg
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What do you think about appmon?
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MC not hot blooded for once which is good. The other two is shit keep repeating their meme phrase
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Eri is hot, and it's good when it get serious.
Wolf appmon when?

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In this corner of the world is currently in Mexican theaters.

Any Mexican bros watching it?
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All theaters?
Al theaters that matter, at least
No, because no Acapulco.

Excited for Koe no Katachi, though.

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is it this?
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Yuuki is cute
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hey wutchu doin there yuuki? wake up sleepy head
How the fuck is Goku fighting in space? The whole final fight with Frieza on Namek was about Frieza stalling for time so the planet would explode and he could just fly off because only he could survive in space.

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Was he gay?
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Yeah, I hope so.
You're projecting
Gay for pay.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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You guys are alright, though.
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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I thought I'd let you guys know that I've picked up the GJ-Bu LNs and will be releasing chapters here: http://haraguroscans.blogspot.ca/2017/03/gj-bu-light-novel-volume-2-chapter-18.html

Feel free to turn this into a discussion thread, and remember, praise be to the circle although Mao is my favourite.
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Thanks. And great taste.
Are you a God? You translate both Sansha and GJ-Bu.

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Did you shed a tear?
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Yep. Even with my heart of coal, one of the few anime moments (that isn't carefully engineered cryporn like a Key show) that has made me shed a tear.

Great seeing a second time around to catch details like the dialogue matching character desires + the 5 main 3rd Aerial characters on the script (mirroring the 5 girls)
This is what got me into anime.

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What does /a/ think of the .hack series? Both manga and anime. Is it worth giving it a try?
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It was rad and I'm sad that we'll likely never get any new material. IMOQ were my favorite but I really enjoyed SIGN too. Blackrose was best girl.
SIGN was the one that made me like yuri in the first place I think.
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my man.

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There is nothing attractive about 2D girls acting like 3D piggu.
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You can always stop being a fat creepy.
You're mistaken
Your low-tier normalfagging containment box is over here >>>/facebook/

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1 year before the end of the world
I would expect no less from the master

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First seat.jpg
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Probably the first time I've been hyped for an OVA
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Second seat.jpg
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> Akira Ishida

> Shizuka Itou

They're going all out with their VA choices for the ten seats, aren't they. Too bad Taneda is still out.
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Third seat.jpg
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Too bad they couldn't get a VA for Megishima or Saito

I still stand by thinking Akio Otsuka would be perfect for Megishima

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nanami and mom.jpg
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Describe an anime with one line and I, or someone who wants to join in can guess the title.
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Let me guess... Attack on Titan?
I mean, Marco does get cut in half. But I guess he's all right now.
Or is he all left?

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devilman crybaby teaser.jpg
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Directed by Yuasa. This more than makes up for Vs. 009 being watered down slop.
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ryo crazy.png
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>Masaaki Yuasa
>Ichiro Okouchi
>Vs. 009 being watered down slop
Fuck you, the 009 crossover was fantastic. Sorry it didn't have enough demons ripping off titties and eating them for you.

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2017 is the year dreams are becoming realty in anime. after hearing about Eureka Seven, Full Metal Panic, Hell Girl, Code Geass... so a man can dream right?
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This shit is dead. Move on.
OP here
Full Metal Panic is fucking dead and is getting a new season come on man
even if they wanted to... I don't think they can bring Haruhi back because nobody wants to work with her voice actor anymore.

Dumb bitch created the negative stigma around herself by hating the very same fans that brought her to stardom and then going around fucking people like it's nothing.

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