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Who is the best anime music composer and why is it Kenji Kawai?
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>He did the Ip Man soundtrack

Only really knew him from anime and toku, but he's great
Why would you make a thread and end it in the same post?
Ryuichi Sakamoto

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Bowl Konan.png
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Konan got a new haircut! Compliment her!
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Rock Lee
i found you, faker!
Is cute as well.

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Can someone tell me straight up whether or not the Sibyl System gets destroyed in Psycho Pass season 2 or in the movie? I heard season 2 is shit, so if I don't have the destruction of Sibyl to look forward to, I'm not gonna bother with it.
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Why would the Sibyl system be abolished?

Also, S2 was written by a different writer before the movie was done, so it had to be written in such a way that there wouldn't be any chance of an inconsistency with the movie - that's one of the reasons some people think it's shit.
The Sibyl System simply has too much power and control to be trusted unless it is literally perfect, which it clearly isn't, and has no potential to be due to it's nature. Modern government may have far more problems than Sibyl, but in a system as powerful as Sibyl, any problem that exists is far worse due to it's inability to be policed. I take this to mean Sibyl doesn't get destroyed? I'm definitely not going to bother watching anymore then, the whole concept disgusts me.
>the whole concept disgusts me.
Welcome to dystopia.

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About to go watch this. what am i in for?
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Of the best kind.
Leg shots
Hand shots

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Raws out for first episode
New Cocoa is very cute
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Is this yuri?
Its today? Sheit.
That's odd, they niconico livebroadcasted it this early? It won't actually be on TV for like 19 more days.

>watch anime without subs
>realize that a significant portion of the show is literally just mouths flapping on a still image
What the hell
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>Jap animators are lazier than Western ones

It took you this long to figure that out?
Yeah I guess you usually pay attention to reading the subs so even in a still image like that it still seems dynamic because the words are changing and moving and your attention is on them.
Yup, nips are pretty lazy.

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Don't open.
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Fuck da police. OPEN
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Did you properly watched your anime today?
Why is that girl always wearing a blanket? She never takes it off.

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Bakemonogatari is my favorite anime but I don't like Madoka at all. So am I considered a SHAFTfag?
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No. Also lurk more.
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>Shaft didn't exist before Monogatari and Madoka
Go die already. Fate is Shaft's current cashcow too even, so you can't use that argument either.
>I only know about 2 Shaft anime
>am I a shaftfag
Return after you watch the actual good ones, faggot.

ITT canon lesbians
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Forgot this had a season 2 going to watch right now
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I want to fuck Yayoi.
Save yourself the trouble and don't

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>in battle of gods beerus said he was using 70% of his power to fight goku in his base god form
>goku trains with whis and learns how to go into his blue form which is significantly stronger then base god form
>goku is still "much weaker" compared to beerus
>whis tells beerus that if goku and vegeta join forces they could probably beat him
>goku is still "much weaker" compared to beerus
>goku trains for the tournament against universe 6. learns to use kaioken times 10 in his blue form, making him 10 times as powerful. goku and hit's combines power is so great that even the god of destruction champa is scared of it
>goku is still "much weaker" compared to beerus
>goku trains for his fight against black, a god who is using his own body to the fullest of it's capabilities
>goku is still "much weaker" compared to beerus
>goku highhandedly fights toe to toe with toppo, someone so strong that he was originally in the running to be a god of destruction
>goku is still "much weaker" compared to beerus
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I believe at this point that either the series is just constantly fucking with us about this, or becoming a god of destruction gives a certain ability to immediately destroy shit.
Goku is likely already stronger than Beerus. This explains why Goku directly disobeyed Beerus when Beerus threatened to kill Goku at the start of the universal tournament arc. Goku knew Beerus' hakai wouldn't work on him.

Remember Goku vs "Monaka" (Beerus)? Remember how "Monaka" struggled to keep up with Goku even though Goku was in his base form the entire fight? Yeah it's true that the costume slowed Beerus down but if this fight happened at the start of Super, Beerus would have destroyed Goku regardless of the handicap.

Based on Beerus' reaction to Goku's kaioken I would honestly say this was the exact moment where Goku DID surpass Beerus in terms of raw power. However, Beerus has a lot of other things going for him such as.
>superior endurance
>doesn't need to breathe in space

So a direct fight will definitely be a massive struggle for both Goku and Beerus.

Also Whis did say that if Goku and Vegeta joined forces they could beat Beerus. This means that Vegito blue was stronger than a God of Destruction.
>Goku is likely already stronger than Beerus.
wasnt there an episode where it seemed like beerus didnt want to fight goku or something. shortly before the new tournament arc.
this would explain why.

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Has the voice acting for a character ever blown you away? The perfect seiyuu, the perfect voice, the perfect delivery; like the stars aligned for miracles to come out of that character's mouth.
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persona 5
File: rezero subaru dying.jpg (30KB, 620x349px)Image search: [Google]
rezero subaru dying.jpg
30KB, 620x349px

I'm not even kidding, this was without a doubt the best voice acting performance i heard from last year.
Konosuba's seiyuu cast is absurdly good

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Less than 24 hours until best girl appears!

Too bad she's mandatory, she drives the damn plot.
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Will Kyoko win?
Tsuneki will save Seiren again

File: dHmypwb.gif (2MB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Why does no one ever mention this
It's always guillotine gorilla
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my brain has stopped working long before this reveal

I just enjoyed the show at that point, unable to get off the ride
Alien episode was the best, desu
Because after Chopping Chimpanzee you expected the most crazy shit.

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Impress me /a/

Best one yet.
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Nice ones

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Cute girls doing cute things.
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Best OStan
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AK (5).jpg
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how about cute girls operating?

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