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new chapter soon
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I think it's an extra chapter
I think that's a pretty safe bet anon
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nice more filler for the anime
so fucking exited here guys

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Will we ever get a season as good as this one again?
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wait for fall

fall is tv season
Oh shit I just remembered Coppellion
i see no good shows on that list though

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Kuma Miko.jpg
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It's ok Machi, nobody's gonna lewd you anymore. Those perverts already moved on to the newest seasonal loli.
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I agree, my wife Machi is safe at our home.
My wife Machi is so cute.
I really wanna pull on those tails and call her names.

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5 Days
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Hinata is fucking shit. I really hate her.
Naruto should have ended with Sasuke, he did chased after his dick for years like an emo girl.

What is her endgame?
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Goblin rape.
>Goblin Slayer is NTR'ed by a big goblin orgy
please let this be a thing.
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monster ranking.jpg
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Goblins are the weakest, just a reminder.

"Goblin Hunter" is just a weak shit.

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Log Horizon season 3 when ?

just don't make me cry /a/
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Never. Author fucked up taxes which plummets the series popularity.
Second season wasn't as good as season 1 anyway, it was by far worse. So it's a good thing the author was jailed in a way, we can't get season 3.
>just don't make me cry /a/

man fuck this

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Hello /a! Today is my birthday. Not just any birthday, however. It is also the day I ascend to cakedom. I'd like to celebrate by having a thread where we post cakes.
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Haha, nobody cares about your birthday. Everyone would rather fuck Ohaha.
Cakes go in the trash.
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The classic.

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>The original edgelord, who happens to be a bishonen
>Stormbringer best sword
>The mc crushing all enemies with his overpowered and oversized sword all while he screams "ARIOCH"

>We will never get this.
>Instead, we receive 50 flavors of moeblob

Why even live?
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What final fantasy game is this?
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2MB, 2000x2753px

The one we deserve but will never get.
Is that Elric from the fantasy novels?
Are these the nip covers?

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Just admit it /a/ you want more of his character archtype in your anime
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Why is Japan trying so hard to make me jerk off to a dude
Nothing lewd has happened with him so far though.
>dumb as a pile of bricks
Best boy
But no seriously, aside from the sparkly eyes he doesn't really come off as feminine. He's just a pretty boy. A really pretty one, mind you, but still. He also happens to be a great bro to MC so he's a pretty damn likable character even without looking he belongs in a boyband or underwear ad.

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Gakkou Gurashi.jpg
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I want to spank Mi-kun's bare bottom
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485KB, 3000x3000px

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semen demon
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This show has an amazing OST

Season 2 when?
The cutest

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Ready for what, disappointment?
You seem to have made a mistake.

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itoshiki sensei.jpg
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How do I become cool like Mr Despair, so cool that even if I can only wear traditional clothes I'm still the most sought after guy among living girls?
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Long hair, thin almost anorexic and tall.
The clothes are not the thing here.
If I was Japanese I would wear one of those. Seems comfy. Like an all day bath robe.
too bad you're going to catch pneumonia in the winter

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Oppai Loli Imouto.jpg
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Do you like what you see?
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Needs a dick the size of her arm.
When did oppai loli became so prominent?
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Here, I got you something anon. It's the cure for shit taste.

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Can girls accidentally trip on girls?
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onsen mana-transfer 720p.webm
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No, they do it on purpose.
why would they do it on purpose?
/sp/ told me that yes, it an happen.

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