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S2 never ever.
S2 when?
The flat hobo is way, way more attractive.

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best waifu coming through
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E. Kaioshin and G. Kaioshin are /cm/
S. Kaioshin and N. Kaioshin are /hm/
W. Kaioshin is /d/

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here it is
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Early chapter.
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Looks like Tamaki was given her own battle. Granted, there's still excessive fanservice... but at least it's something? Thanks Ōkubo. -_-
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Such an exciting fight! In all seriousness, this reminds me of the fight with Fodder 12 member Jacob from Fairy Tail.
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>doing ecchi instead of giving SE a proper resolution
fuck him
Is this shit good? I got bored after the first 20 chapters. Does it pick up and start bring good after that?

How can angels even compete?
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By being the superior woman
Mama Satania is the best

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What do you think of this loyal and virtuous servant?
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She's loyal to Hakuno, not you.
What if I am Hakuno?
She needs bigger tits, smaller waist, bigger ass.

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Let me do the honors of starting the waifu war by saying that Erina>Alice>Hisako>Meat>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mehgloomy
Say something nice to my girlfriend
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Isshiki has those keikaku eyes

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Is Love Live a yuri show?
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It's hard to see it as not that way.
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If you strap those goggles on extra tight and take every interaction as a sign of lesbian lust, then sure. Have this on the house.
Yes, just like Hibike! Yuriphonium.

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Name a worse show
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Sword Art Online
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#FWBT i had to fucking see all this fucking shit and in the end it wasn't even worth it.
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Suppose an alien race wishes to humanely exterminate humans. If they were to introduce catgirls into the population who only produce female catgirls when impregnated, what will the population graph look like over time? Increase, decrease, or spike up and crash?
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>humanely exterminate humans

Well, unless there is a 100% chance that there will be a catgirl being born, then maybe we will eventually fade out.

But you know that normal girls still exist so somehow humans eventually will get bored of catgirls and go back to normal girls, so I think they wouldn't replace the human race but neither go extinct.

No problem NASA-kun.
>f they were to introduce catgirls into the population who only produce female catgirls when impregnated
Ah, I'm a baka, but the other shit I'm correct though, they would just be part of the world just like every IRL race.
>inb4 whites
Won't happen, eventually they will become the minorities and breed like fucking niggers in africa later on, don't worry.

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>the first episode starts out with DaT ASS
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What anime?
>ywn have an ass like that and tease silly /a/nons with it

end it

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Who is the most FUCK YEAH AMERICA character in manga?
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Funny Valantine

Oh Japan.
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What is Kirie's endgame? Is she really a lesbian?
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Taihei's D.
This, too bad she isn't going to win him.

You should realize by now that the real main character of this series is Taihei onii-sama, everyone is after his semen, from underage schoolgirls to old cakes.
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Wives, Chimoco. So cute.
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Who leaked my honeymoon photos?
Which Chimoco are you?

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