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There's a serious lack of madness on /a/. Let's fix that.
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You know what we need more of? Main characters making exaggerated poses.
So is the VN a real sequel or what? I'm confused.
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Beat the VN yesterday. Good stuff.
Why isn't 0 on Steam tho

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Honest opinion on the works of Go Nagai?
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I liked getter robo Armageddon
Absolute cancer
More like Go Away

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Is Reina a well-written character?
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She's so cute. Haruhiko is one lucky bastard.
No one in PW is well written.
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The episode where she and Haruhiko turn into bunnies and live together happily was the best episode of the series, so yes.

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ITT: reasons why Mami is so perfect compared to that shitty Kyouko baka
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>so perfect compared to
That's not how "perfect" works.

Time for you to fuck off

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I'd like to say I'm looking forward to it, but it'll probably take a full decade for all of this to come out.
They're running out of idea so they revives thing or what?
I'd rather just rewatch the original than see Bones defile the franchise's dead corpse for the 3rd time.

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Dumping chapter 17 here.

It's been a busy week, but finally got the time to work on it.

Please mark any mistake that needs to be fixed.
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I've been waiting for this. I need more gains hime.
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Has anyone watched this dubbed yet? If so, was it at least decent?

I bought a ticket online to see this in April, but I didn't realize until later on I accidentally bought this dubbed and now all the tickets for my local theater are sold out for the subbed version showings that are for when I'm not working. I figured I would invite my imouto and we could watch the dubbed version together if it was okay.
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UK dub was good
I think the US one was different
From what I read both use the same actors so I don't think it will be different.

>Da Vinci
>Kallen's ikemen boyfriend, darma
>Look into cosmo garage
>Robot dicks
>24 mecha gattai
>s2 announcement?
The final episode had it all and it was great.
But really now, is s2 real or did Hero Academia stop us?
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Its dead for sure.
I fucking hope there's a season 2. Loved this show.
But that was an overly specific joke at the end.

I hope so too.

Which is considered canon by the manga or its author? Anime series+End of Evangelion, Rebuild, or both?

Third Impact happens in both, yet there's differences, like the entire new pilot in Rebuild.

So what's the stance? Is it one continuous story, is it a reboot/alternate version with those differences, is it series+EoE canon, with Rebuild being a non-canon spinoff, or what's the deal?
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manga is filler

original is canon

rebuild is fanfic
End of Evangelion had meaning to it and was a fantastic climax to the original series, both emotionally and logically.

Rebuild is just a cash cow that could or could not be a sequel.

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What if JoJo had got an anime adaptation sooner ?
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Where are the spoilers?
Reasking the question here since last thread reached bump limit
Why did everyone in Part 4 know Jotaro can stop time? Its not like that is easily deductible and Jotaro never stated he could stop time. Hell it took an ability that ""counters"" Dio's timestop, since it can sense instantaneous movement, and some quick thinking to find out Dio could stop time. So how did the part 4 villains like RHCP or Hazamada know Jotaro could stop time? Why did they all want Jotaro out in the first place?

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submit your most smug anime faces
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ITT: child prostitutes
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Please. What kind of man would hire a body like this for sexual purposes?
I prefer the term "smile merchant".
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Long skirts > short skirts
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OP isn't gay for once.
Those clouds are really fucking pretty.


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It's another Tsugumomo thread!

Today's dump is the short omake chapter from volume 19.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha speed TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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yay! I just noticed yesterday v19 was released.
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>Madarai: The Nine Masters Tournament... When it comes to talent, they're certainly better off than us...
>Madarai: Even with the help of *those* things, we can't be too careful...
Text: Extra Chapter: Madarai, Before the Tournament
>Madarai: Hmph.
sfx: *halt*

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Is this what you find attractive?
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I guess
Somewhat old, but passable.
Ayo where the dick at?

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