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Post animes that would be better than the actual anime
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Come and make or request /a/ related art
Old >>154604220
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/r/ing Oscar sipping a glass of wine.
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Requesting the girls from Blazblue Remix Heart dressed like a fantasy adventuring party and either engaged in combat with a monster or moving down a dungeon corridor. From left to right:
1. Kajun Faycott as a Wizard wearing robes and maybe holding a crystal ball or a tome
2. Mai Natsume as an unarmored or lightly armored Fighter wielding a spear
3. Makoto Nanaya as an unarmored Monk using her fists or tonfa
4. Noel Vermillion as a Rogue in leather armor holding a crossbow
5. Tsubaki Yayoi as a Priestess in chainmail holding a light weapon and/or holy symbol
Still taking May requests, big massive fat tits lewd ones.

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Friendly reminder that Speed Racer is the only good anime to live-action movie adaptation.
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Go tell >>>/tv/.
/a/ doesn't need live action shitting up the board.
The Cromartie movie was quite satisfying.
Wait for Gintama and you'll see.

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Why is the manga so rushed? Whats the reason?
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It needs to be this fast to keep up with the novels. Else it will fall hopelessly behind.

No duh.
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Cat festival incoming. Give me 5 minutes and i will upload on imgur all the new stuff nips posted on 2ch.
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For some reason it is failing to upload some, no matter how many times i try. Going to upload somewhere else.Here is a few

>Get around to watching anime again
>Find this amazing hidden gem
>Has a kid at the end but but it doesn't show the father
>"I wonder what the Light Novel says"
>Finds a spoiler
>"Cool she does marry that one guy! What else happens?"
MOTHER FUCK! This shit ain't fucking fair.
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Light Novel 3 & 4 key plot points for Kemono no Souja
Erin got married to Ial and they had a son. The war against the neighboring country got more and more intense and Seimiya ordered Erin to breed Oju and make a corps. Erin first refused Seimiya's order but the neighboring country stole the technique to breed Toda and she was obliged to breed Oju. She prepared for sacrificing herself to stop the great sin.
Finally the invasion by the neighboring country using an army of Toda started and the kingdom army tried to counterattack also by their Toda, but the two Toda armies avoided collision with each other and Toda invaded a city. Erin commanded Oju corps but as expected they all went berserk. Toda also went into panic and started to emit toxic gas. That's the true great sin. Toda bred by human emits extremely toxic gas when attacked by Oju. Civilians, soldiers, Oju, Toda, all were dying in the gas and Erin flew into the center of the city and blow the soundless whistle to stop the tragic battle. Toda and Oju got paralyzed and the battle was settled. Erin and paralyzed Lilan fell into the city and died.
Seimiya saw the tragedy and concluded a cease-fire agreement with the neighboring country. And she banned breeding Oju and Toda.
This show was fantastic
>that part where her mother was ripped to shreds by ugly water lizzards
I cried bitch tiers so hard
She just can't catch a break

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So I thought we could have a casual discussion about stand ideas. Allow me to present to you

STAND NAME: Perverted Precinct.
Namesake: Perturbator song of the same name.
Destructive power: A to E
Speed: C
Range: A-E
Durability: D
Developmental potential: C

Appearance: Perverted precinct wears a white trench-coat whose sleeves have been removed. with a black stab proof vest on under it, It wears black knee high padded boots with metallic plating on the front. it has steel shoulder pads with the letter D on it. In addition, It also wears a pirate hat, on his face is a hockey mask. His eyes are sunken and glow red. he wears finger less gloves. Perverted Precinct wears no pants or undergarments whatsoever. His hooded trouser snake is obscured by convenient lighting, his trench-coat and US censorship law.

Perverted Precinct has two forms. The first one is a steam cloud that can move very far from it's user, While it's second form is the one described above. His first long range form is controlled directly by its user, whilst his second deadlier form is automatic. Perverted precinct regardless of form allows its user to see what it sees. Perverted Precinct wields a knife that, due to its automatic nature, will always target the chest of the target. If the knife touches any other part of the body, No damage will be done. But if the knife touches the chest area, A proportional amount of damage will be done...

What is the damage proportional to? To how naked the target is off course! (Get the name now?). If the target is fully clothed ZERO damage will be done, If the target is scantily clad but otherwise not naked, Damage equivalent to an average kitchen knife will be done. If the target is completely naked they will die instantly.

Perverted Precinct's second form can only move about 5 meters away from the point where Perverted Precincts first form transformed
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Sasuga Jojofags. Fuck off.

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>obviously big girl
>never portrayed normally above 5'7, just fetish appeal
why are they so Fucking short , is everyone in nipland an insecure beta
even ADULT WOMEN arE fuCkINg maNlEts
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Women naturally level out at around 5'2". The problem is that western women get fed hormones via meat which disrupt their estrogen levels causing them to enter puberty at 10 and grow far too big to ever be cute (thus feminism.)
>rikka and dekomori's skirts have frills
>mori summer and kumin's do not
what did they mean by this?
Nip males are like 5'1"

5'7" is practically giantess tier for them.

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What the fuck is this shit?
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A deconstruction of generic super robot anime like Eva
Eva is a deconstruction
Looks like a Zambot/Mazinger/Gaiking mashup.

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New chapter is out, girls are still as cute as ever
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I wanna fuck the rabbit
Is this haremshit? Isekai shit? Is the MC a boy?
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yes. no. no
imo the story is really juvenile, but at least it's drawn well and has cute girls. and headpats.

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What was in the box /a?
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Dragon dildos.
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Do they show it in the manga or something? How do you know?
Looks like a banana and an ugly Christmas sweater.

Alita actress has been confirmed.


Rosa Salazar, oh God, why.
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Take it to >>>/tv/.
Don't need live action shitting up /a/.
Haven't we known this for months?
what is one drop of piss in an ocean of shit?

Episode is out. Hisae and the others get the spotlight
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>Onihei thread
Whoa, I thought I was the only one watching this... glad to see I'm not the only one following this neat little show
There's around 7-10 regulars but threads barely last.
Shinichiro Miki voices the episode's baddie

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10/10 grills who aren't the main grill of their series
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>mentally retarded

She's cute and has huge tits but that's about it.
>huge tits

Anon, I don't wanna call you a liar, but
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Why does /a/ not talk about one of the best anime of the last 5 years?
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Just caught up on s2 yesterday. Can someone remind me what happened when Shin and the bitch died in s1?
The red head girls first kid is with the Yakuza boss that is doing 6 years in prison, right?
Miyo tried to jump out of the window with Kiku, Sukeroku tired to stop her, window broke, Sukeroku tried to save Miyo and got carried down with her, Kiku saved them but couldn't get them up, Sukeroku says something about their plans for rakugo to Kiku and then he falls to his death with Miyokichi.
We really don't know for sure.
This girl's a terrible writer, but here's a good play-by-play. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/showa-genroku-rakugo-shinju/episode-12/.100321

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>Cute girls fishing


Is there anything cute girls can't do?
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>Is there anything cute girls can't do?
Be real.
>Is there anything cute girls can't do?
Love me

This is too negative

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