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Who here loves long legs?
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Not me. No siree. Not even a little.
Low test
Definitely not manlets.

Gotta love long legs with average tiddies and good ass.

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It is wrong to sexualize the Emma ?
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punished emma.png
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Do NOT impregnate the keikakumaster
She is too little for that.

>sexualizing livestock.

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Don't judge a book by its cover.
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Judge it by its sticky pages instead
I know Rin is a good girl.

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What does /a/ think of Homunculus? I'm not much of a manga reader, but gave it a shot. Did you like the ending?
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Hilarious second last chapter.
Started off good but went complete WTF-mode about midway through.

The part about the MC undergoing facial reconstructive surgery was hilarious.

I liked it though.

9/10 series that left me bitter with the ending.

I really identified with the protagonist when it was coming out ten years ago, but I went back this past winter to finally read the ending, and it left me disappointed. But I suppose that was the point - I just disliked that a character I was so emphatic with had a Bad End, because what does that say about me?

Off to rape chicks, I guess.

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Ok, how do I explain this, /a/?
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In court.
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Fucking beautiful
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Dragon loli magic.

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What's her endgame?
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Being the best girl and getting her well-deserved win for it
AT THIS VERY MOMENT for a long, long time.

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>Characters wear the same clothes through all the series
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>Not wanting to smell your waifu's uniform after continuous wear.
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>Characters have only 2 sets of clothes
>School uniform
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>Characters wear clothes

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Say something nice about Black Clover
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I like how he draws women
Good art in general.

Makes it all the more painful that the rest of the series is so fucking bad holy shit.

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ITT: anime only you watched
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>Etotama KIDS

I miss my horse

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Why has Madoka garnered so much hate on /a/ over the past couple years? Did it get too popular?
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Something something circlejerks something.

Nothing to discuss and waiting for that new movie later on, see that concept trailer.
Got way too lewd for /a/
>Did it get too popular?

You hit the nail on the head.

When Madoka was airing, it was the most popular thing on /a/ especially giving how it wasn't another happy go lucky magical girl anime. By episode 3, pretty much all of /a/ shat their pants on how it became dark.

Then the earthquake happened in japan and the last two episodes were delayed by like a month. When we finally got it... it was glorious.

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Quiet or genki?
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My dubs confirm it.

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Why Lisha is so perfect
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She's not as perfect as Celestia.
That revolting tattoo, though.
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Strong and intelligent
>Sweet and gentle
>Loyal and truly loves Lux
>Sexiest design ever
Lisha-sama is truly perfect.

Thoughts on John Titor?
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Best girl.
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A wrong, but respectable opinion..

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18 more days.
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only 18 days ?
And then I can finally die.
>dying before 3.0+1.0

You just need to aim higher.

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Do you think it's possible for Super to connect to the end of Z and GT?
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Hey guys. I have a problem that's not directly related to DBZ games/anime, but I don't think /pol/ or /adv/ know enough about DBZ to help me out.
I know that this is going to sound incredibly autistic, but I cannot function in social settings unless I imagine myself as a Dragon Ball character. No, I don't go around saying "I'm Goku, a Saiyan raised on earth!" or try to fly or anything. I just feel myself with the overall demeanor of a DBZ character. I can pass off as a normie well with this.
I choose DBZ characters that already compliment my personality. My main 3 are Piccolo (When I'm feeling quiet but confident), Vegeta (When I'm feeling a bit smug/cocky) and Broly (When I'm feeling a bit edgy). I also have a rotating list of DBZ characters that I can use. I've done Bulma, Trunks, Gohan, Great Ape Bardock, Cell, Mr Satan, etc...
But my problem is, I have a Christmas party with my co-workers tonight, and I'm not sure which DBZ character I should be. I want to be a bit more outgoing and talkative than usual, but not TOO much. I had a bad experience with Yamcha this spring, when I got a bit TOO confident, so I don't want to use him. I'd like to try a Dragon Ball GT character, but I'm not sure which once. I like Super 17, but I feel like he would make me come across as an autist. I was actually thinking about Gogeta, but not being canon hurts him a bit.
Do you guys have any ideas for a DBZ character that would be sociable and confident, but not too much so?
they are...bulma's newborn.
sadly they skip out Uub; he'd be a good contender for the new arc since they needed 10 fighters
GT Wouldn't work since Vegeta knows SSB now. Unless he gets stripped of that power GT won't make sense continuity wise.

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