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How does one recover from this and regain their ability to fap to any other things anymore?
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Fap to superior brown girls
Why is she even black though? Everyone else (who is relevant) in the show is white except Chad who is Italian.

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>Mess with waifu, lose your laifu
Welp, the fake ainu fucked up big time
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And now Sugimoto is going super sayian because of that
Best boy
gotta love rage mode sugimoto

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no rules, just make it interesting and don't forget to rate
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Aside from Berserk I don't know any
>Casshern Sins, Penguindrum, and Infinite Ryvius
But I am assuming the one with the eye is Escaflowne? I recognize Eva and Kaiba.
I don't have penguindrum on my 4x4.
The one with the eye is Texhnolyze.

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Why is Koito suddenly cute. Why is this allowed?
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I want to marry Shinka!
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But I'm already married to her. You wouldn't become a homewrecker, would you, anon?
Deko, girls can't marry girls.
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I want to be Shinka!

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So I finished Gunslinger girl II and it was really damn good. Aside from the lower quality animation, why does it get so much hate?
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Henrietta is cute, CUTE!
Best girl jobbing to Pinocchio despite her superhuman stats. Lackluster writing and plot, and the shift in focus from S1 to S2
Because the manga is a lot better. Also, I didn't like the animation style of either season

When did headpatting become a thing and why do people think this is an acceptable way to treat someone?
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Have you ever had your head patted? Feels pretty good.
I'm fine with headpatting as long as it happens consensually in the privacy of one's home. Those lascivious public displays are degenerate.
Unless you're a pet, it's fucking demeaning.

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I’m going to post this everyday until you like it.
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You havent posted it for months you slacker.
I saw it yesterday
no tripcode=b&

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Final day of guessing, will he appear in the manga? Will /ourguy/ do him justice?
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Yes, no. Enjoy the kiss situation v2.
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And regardless, the anime will always be treated as the main canon in this case.

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Who has the sexiest armpits in anime? And why is it Kurumi?
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Hopefully there's no armpit shit with her sex scene. Author continues to shit on Yuki by letting Kurumi get fucked first.
I wanna lick them
How far have they gone with her?

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I've seen so many anime I couldn't even begin to count how many. Yet all this time I haven't seen anything nearly as good or as powerful as Cowboy Bebop.

It will never be beaten. It is my favorite anime of all time and I think it always will be.

In your opinion, how do you think Bebop ranks among the anime you've seen? Have you seen ones better? How much better? Are there any others like me who think Bebop can't be beaten?
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Outlaw Star did it better. Spike is better than Gene though.

Heard about it, but never saw it. I'll have to check it out.
It's more lighthearted and less sentimental, but more enjoyable. For me, at least

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How many years?
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god damn that series is fucking stupid.
She won in the best Aquarion, though.
12 000 years of being the best girl
And still counting

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what happened to general Ousen?
what's this city's secret?
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ousen is trying to be kanki at this point
Probably the water supplies has been buried, or something. Or the Zhao just took a massive dump and left.
there's troops hidden in the city
riboku is a hack, ousen saw his plan from a mile away

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It's a real instructional cooking show that teaches you recipes in real time but has a giant robot battle subplot or something.

>While our cookies are baking we have time to initialize our combat weapon systems, so we won't have to waste time letting our cookies get cold while we prepare that.
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A young man is transported to another world full of magic. He's now a sexy young woman! An old wizard foretells a prophecy of a Legendary Champion that clashes with the Beast. The MC does a 180 and heads straight into a cabin where she masturbates nonstop for a week. After a good ol'bath the MC whores herself for cash and gets pregnant. Now she must venture across treacherous lands to find the witch that can slay that which has not been born.
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>not posting top tier shit
>be your usual normal high school MC
>hormones at its peak aka just wanna fuck
>plus all the attractive girls are also horny as fuck
>your family is dirt poor, even told you that you'll be disowned if you impregnate anyone
>that you should find your career first, love later
>then you turn 18, girls start sagging, droopy eyes, wrinkly and those shit
>you didn't gave it much attention.
>by the time you got graduated and got career all the girls around you are just old hags
>unmarried for life
your parents also started to see you wrinkly, droopy eyes and told you when will you get a GF aka get married and get outta here.
>you end up shitposting, netflix, vidya, and basically an internet dweller for life.

Why does Hotaru have the best facial expressions?
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Because she's best girl.
Because she is fucking insane
HO-taru is fat

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