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How is this allowed?
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Because Love Live is shit

And who the FUCK takes a shit with a skirt on?
why wouldn't you? it doesn't obstruct the shit coming out.

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How come Hitler founded the Orte empire, but their tech still stuck with 15th century knights & armor?

Oda Nobunaga who's ironically came from older period than Hitler came by and revolutionize the warfare right away by introducing muskets and gunpower
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Because I doubt that Hitler would know how to build rudimentary fireweapons. Oda came with his rustic weapon, which the dwarfs managed to reproduce. Same thing happened with the japanese when the portuguese introduced them.
Now try to reproduce a Mauser with medieval tech
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Can someone remove the subtitles from that pic please? Something about it is unnerving and I want to save it.

Endless eight

What did you think of the endless eight?, undoubtably the most artistic and ballsy kyoani did ever, i wish they did more like this.
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It's okay.
It was boring as shit. Pretty much everyone hated it back when it aired. It got boring very fast and pretty much entire /a/ just wanted it to end.
It should have been 3-4 episodes at most.
>i wish they did more like this

kyoani does nothing but animate the same anime over and over again since then

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>she will never EVER say your name with this much passion
Why keep on living honestly?
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Kill yourself, shit eater.
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>no matter how you live your life, death is the only end
Why struggle to live?
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Which anime character do you want to look EXACTLY like?

Dibs on Vigne.
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How low is /a/ now, literally making some /gaia/ tier shitty threads.

Who are you in anime world ecksfuckingdee.

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Taniguchi Goro's ID-0 will be Netflix exclusive for online streaming.
Based Netflix keep saving mecha anime.
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She's cute, thanks Netflix
>full 3DCG
>Saving mecha anime
Fuck off Shill.
We can say goodbye to subs in this same day.

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Any more of you degenetates seeing this today?
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I see nothing but pain.
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No, I saw it last week.
Are you American? Is this licensed by western company? This was better than the Shitkai movie that didn't win an Oscar

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>Kojiro Shindo. Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning, is at Haneda Airport for a business trip. While the plane is on the runway, a giant structure suddenly appears out of thin air.
>The plane is taken undamaged inside the giant structure. After everyone disembarks, a man who looks like an ordinary human being shows up.
>"I, Yaha-kui zaShunina, hereby notify you that I am going to intervene in Japan's internal affairs."

Does this sound interesting to you?
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Thats probably the most stupid premise Ive ever read.
I want to have sex with a cute Japanese bureaucrat
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What is Merlin doing there?

Watched one episode and the edge was very painful, should i continue?
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Watch Hellsing Ultimate instead.
The Hellsing anime series is pretty shitty. Better read the manga or watch the newer OVA
Watch ultimate. It's still edgy, but it's mostly a good kind of edgy. The ending sucks though.

You know the drill
>Post your waifu
>Last two digits = Number of push ups for your waifu
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I will fuck your waifus while you are doing push-ups.
You couldn't get up of the chair, let alone get out of the door.
Sick burn

What's in the box?
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dragon dildos
Dragon tail
Embarrassing Christmas party photos

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Kobayashi released a new chapter on march 15th. Possible School Rumble return?
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He said he always planned on continuing the series with all the characters in university.
Did you even read it? it concluded.

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ITT authors who absolutely deserve to be tossed in the trash.
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Kill yourself Mugino.
What was wrong with it?
Anon you fuckin' what?

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Season 2 when ? I need more of this
Hopefully they can get Netflix to fund it.
Final episode was pure hype

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>OP by Mami Kawada
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>OP's shit taste
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>OP by Mami Kawada
Why do people hate her now? Wasn't she well-liked when Index was airing?

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