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Name something in either anime or manga that really pisses you off. GO !
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Samefaces holy fucking dicks.
When they really fuck up a good character.

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flying downs syndrome.jpg
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Is it normal for sequel animu to completely shit the bed like this and then promise to fix it later?

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Yeah, BD fixes are pretty common in anime.
The fuck-ups are pretty fun to spot.
new to anime?
Not normal, but yes. Try watching more anime in the first place.
For anyone interested anon is doing these comparison things on helma thread; http://helma.us/sw/res/12227.html#12394

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Who is objectively the best waifu?
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You just posted her.
literally me
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Yuno who she is.

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Sophia is angry.jpg
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What would a blowjob from this angry politician be like?
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angry and political
she would probably rip our dick out

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This show sucks, right?
I just got done watching the first 5 episodes, and boy did it fucking blow. Don't give me that "It gets better later" shit.
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It's because back when people were watching it they hadn't seen Jojo before.
I liked it, at least. I liked how Kazuma was just following his emotions and what he thought was right, and sometimes that would let his emotions get the best of him. I liked how Ryuho was the opposite, being extremely lawful, but never showed any emotion and was cruel. They both thought they were right and hated each other, and still hated each other towards the end.
The whole super power gimick thing was cool to watch too.
The ending was actually pretty half-assed in my opinion. If you don't like the beginning, you won't like the end.
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Kazuma has the fucking coolest looking power. It's shallow cool looking fights with interesting powers OP. That's simply it.
too bad his final form looks like dog shit

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How do you feel about Lum, /a/?
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I wish they'd make OVA's for her still.
one more year

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No I want to touch Himawari.

>You rolled: 12

That's a successful touch attack faggot, show me the button
But I don't want to void the warranty.

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These are your maids.
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Origami a shit.
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
My maids are so cute.

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They've never really achieved mainstream success.

B'z is no. 1. That fucking band from Gintama.
I thought The Pillows is the great band from Japan, because there are so many references on animes and mangas.
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Pillows are like the Japanese Pixies, so you could say that they are Pixies for weebs, except that they have a britpop tinge to their music
Anison hasn't really achieved much mainstream success, especially in recent years. Nana is arguably the only anison artist who has become mainstream and is recognized even by people who know little about anime.
>AKB48 being the most popular

Does that even mean anything at this point. If you want good music you don't go looking at the charts

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She's melting my heart!
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Season 2 never
Not even top 3 of her own show.
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Forehead not large enough.

This is Mami, the smuggest mahou shoujo in the galaxy
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She's ahead of the rest, that's for sure.
Not even the smuggest one in that image.
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Red Herring. Sayaka will save the day in the concept movie. Calling it now. Check em.

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Subs out.
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Into the trash.
Subs aren't necessary though. Anyone interested in watching it already knows the cards and rules by heart.

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Queen Latifah.png
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Im all about Sento's thighs but Jesus fucking christ is this cunt adorable.
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stop making so many amagi threads
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She's a hime, not a cunt. Also best girl.
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Obligatory Thigh posting.

The Sacred Blacksmith links at >>>/co/90856569 ; final volume in July.

I've gone through most of the requests from >>152693756 ; status:

Almost done: Firefighter!, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Muhyo & Roji, Umineko, Higurashi, Black Butler, D-Frag!

Started: Mardock Scramble, PandoraHearts (Uasaha posted all volumes to Madokami; I'll still do my own versions eventually)

Postponed due to quality issues: Zetsubou-Sensei, Ultimo, UQ Holder!, Monster Musume, Rurouni Kenshin

Don't know if I'll do: D.Gray-man, Fate/Zero, Soul Eater, Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro

Any digital yuri stuff that hasn't been ripped? Most of Seven Seas' yuri catalogue is print-only.
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thanks again based danke
what about Basara and Excel Saga?
If you don't mind, could you rip volume seven of Ultraman as well?

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Imagine Inaba confessed this to you, what do?
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Nothing. I'd cum immediately.
What episode?

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