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Is she supposed to promote sex among teenagers?
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I want to promote sex with Tsuneki
She's actually pure.
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This is Sakura Kinomoto. Say something nice to her.
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She makes my dick hard.
I like her outfits.
Almost as good as Meilin.

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Would you turn her into an honest woman?
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That emotionless bag of refuse? Better off living the rest of her youth as a whore.
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This is a skilled assassin.
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These as well

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Little Fairy Queen vol. 1 is out. Dumping some fairy butt in case someone hasn't yet.
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Out where?
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The Gintamafags were right, this show is glorious and just keeps getting better. I should have started sooner.
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Please stop, you sound like a 14 year old gamer boy.
>just keeps getting better
That's only true up to and including the second movie.
>just keeps getting better
>should have started sooner
you shouldn't have started at all

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Crossover fun.png
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Better or Worse?
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I'd buy it
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You know rance make's everything better
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Can the dumb goddess lose against the cock?

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Kirito has nothing on Yusei.
>154 episodes, 1 special, 1 movie
>and Yusei has never lost a single duel
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He's just good at children's card games
The first three yugioh shows were so great. Each character was entertaining in their own way. These last ones have just been shit
>18 years old
>able to build a motorcycle going over 250 km/hr with scrap junk
>was able to knock out a bunch of bodyguards using some kung fu moves that he picked up because he's Jesus
>was so insanely good at children's card games that he was known as a Hero of Legend in the far future
>never seen going to school but turns into a scientist after timeskip

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Mika better deliver the sauce. I'm sick of wimpy MCs.
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The bloodbath is imminent. He might even start with whomever shows up to tell him Orga's dead.
He delivered his sauce in Atra's womb, yes.
Mika is not really feeling that cuckdelia kiss

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How do you guys do it? I love anime but lately watching them has been tiring as fuck. I currently have 26 shows I'm watching and I can't get the motivation to watch them.
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>26 shows
What the fuck.
Bro, truth is there's a lot of shitty anime out there. Don't need to watch 26 (esp. jus to keep up).

Watch 1-3 series and read a few manga series you like.

Oh, and watch boring scenes on fast forward, like 1.1x speed (110% playback speed)
>I currently have 26 shows I'm watching and I can't get the motivation to watch them.
Take a long hard look at your life choices, anon.

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3 movies, 2 of them complations from the anime.

Was it confirmed that the original one will take place after or before graduation?
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>Was it confirmed that the original one will take place after or before graduation?
Post-graduation, confirmed at the event.
Wait really?
Thank you based KyoAni!
>Free! -Timeless Medley- Kizuna (Bonds)
>Recap with new scenes, focusing on Iwatobi.
>Release date is 4/22/17.
>All characters from Starting Days will be on Timeless Medley as grown ups. Nao and Natsuya will appear in a shocking way. Asahi and Ikuya swim on different teams (Kazami and Shionezaki, respectively).
>There'll be four new stories. Probably the new four stories that'll be included on the novelize project.
>The official song is「RISING FREE」by STYLE FIVE.

>Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku (Promises)
>Recap with new scenes, focusing on Samezuka.
>Release date is 7/1/17.

>Free! -Take Your Marks-
>New story about what happens after Haruka graduates.
>Release date is Autumn 2017.

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Why is there so few Yandere anime?
this one was shit
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Because yandere are shit.
Deres in general are shit
People are not hardcore enough for yanderes.

You should go play VNs. Plenty of those with yanderes.

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what are you supposed to feed lolis?
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mashed potatoes
I'll show you.
*unzips dick*

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Time Travel seems like a pretty raw deal.
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Id take it, they are just suffering for the situation they are in.
I would just make myself a little money betting or something so I can live a decent life while being a neet
Bottom right?
Boku no Parasites

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serval with tears.jpg
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Just how bad did things go for Serval to cry like this?
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Is there Cerulean vore of my favorite Friends yet?
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There's Cerulean vore.
>you're favorite friends
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Can't believe Serval realized she was killed along with Mirai

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Boyz unda' the hood.jpg
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>Cruisin' down the pass in my 86
>Takin' the lines, snaggin' some drifts
>Went to Akina, to check the scene
>Iketanis' up there, tryna' live the dream
>A car pulls up who can it be?
>In a sunburst yellow RX-7 FD
>He rolls down his window, and he started to say
>"Fujiwara, don't think I've forgotten that day!"
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That was aids
b r u h
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