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Beast Wars has gotten really populara in Japan.
Like Touhou levels populalr.
Are there any edgy doujin or fanart yet
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holy shit i meant to tyhpe Beast Friends
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i was expecting something a bit darker

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Which did you like more, the OVAs or Universe?
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The one with Kiyone.
they are all shit, the only good one was the one with giant robots.
I like most all of it. Haven't seen it all, but it's fun.

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These two lesbians are hetero-curious. Will you teach them about dicks?
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That they hurt the first time. Could feel like a pinch. Could feel like a knife. They hurt.
I'd be happy to offer my instructional services to Yui, but her friend will have to find another teacher.
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Penises are icky, Kyouko, you should have Ayano teach you about sex.

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Is she right? Is this how humans meant to live?
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God damn I want to fuck Mimi.
Said like someone who lives in a truly decadent time

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Only half right

Did I just watch animated fanfiction?
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Basically. 3.0 is pretty ok though.
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Pretty much.

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Watching HxH 2011 with my imouto, about 20 episodes in. So far, there's been:

>Ludicrous trials that barely test anyone's ability in any way that's remotely accurate, and no one seems to care if people die trying
>MUH PURE HEART Gon overcomes trials 'cause he is pure-hearted
>'nothing personnel, kiddo' clown villain that, of course, lets his competitors to live another day until they're a strong enough fighter
>2edgy4u ultra-ninja who stomps over everyone effortlessly, oh by the way he's a kid XD

Why does /a/ like this show so much? Is this like Boku no Pico?
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Why has this guy been spamming HxH threads with the exact same image and wording?
Should have watched 1999
It's a normal shonen, don't expect a deconstruction. It does get more serious and better later on, but if you don't enjoy shonens don't watch it.

We all know that 3D is shit
And making anime into live action is the worst sort of catering to the normie audience and pleb-tier weebs

But does the opposite even exist?
Has there ever been a full-length or series made based on a live action movie?
If so, please provide samples or titles
t. wannabe ascended
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Nodame Cantabile
But wasn't this a manga made into live action and then into anime?
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>We all know that 3D is shit
>And making anime into live action is the worst sort of catering to the normie audience and pleb-tier weebs
Nah, Speed Racer was a masterpiece.

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Would you protect this smile?
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Thats the inferior caster tho
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I would make her my queen.
With my life.

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Eris pads her chest!
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Fuck off Aqua, literally no one likes you.
being a goddess must suck, I bet aqua is secretly glad she's in the 'real world' now.
jealousy is very unbecoming anon

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I'd like to order a triple greater calamity with extra peperoni please.
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No, this is Patrick
Yes i'll pick it up at the usual store.

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Akko should have picked the bunny costume.
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Frank needs to pump Lotte full of babies as soon as possible.
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That's pretty hot.

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Have you installed Linux yet?
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Shibireru ne...

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Rigaldo and Theresa arc.
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Gave up on Claymore, was it worth sticking with it?

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5 cute facts about maki:

- She's a girl!
- She's a tomato!
- I love her!!!!!
- Maki!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debian is better
what was the original post of this meme?

why do the subs say dark when she says kuro (black)?
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why are your subs yellow wtf that's so ugly
Why are you watching HorribleSubs when fansubs are available faster?
Why are you using Horriblesubs? You don't even have an excuse because GJM is faster.

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