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Time for some Kaguya.
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Best time of the week is here. Thanks Jag.
At last...
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We got an update on print numbers today. Volumes 1-4 have 550,000 copies in print, and when Volume 5 comes out next month, it'll be up to 800,000. Almost at a million now.

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How do you feel about this mango and Inio Asano in general?
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Volume 1 - 8/10
Volume 2 - 5/10

He's alright.
I don't like the way he generally draws his characters
Didn't find it that memorable. For better or for worse, I think Inio Asano's at his best when he does the crazy dark shit.

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What would dubs have to change, so that you would like them again like when you were kids?
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My memories would have to be wiped and my IQ lowered significiantly
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They'd have to put effort into getting decent voice actors. Gainax/Trigger dubs have always been solid and Space Dandy's dub was excellent.
Good voice actors

Alternatively every dub should be like ghost stories.

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Euphemia did nothing wrong
I didn't know about this anime until a few years ago and I'm glad I watched it, it was awesome. I'm pretty exited but worried about S3. Hope they don't ruin it
I hope it's even gayer this season.

[xPearse] Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 25-37 [1080p]
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Here's the pastebin. Currently having problems adding the torrent to nyaa. Enjoy.

Nice. Also best girl.

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I love Emilia.
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I love Chihiro
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What would a Emilashumin combo be like?
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I love Kirino.

>Mugi's O-face
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I bet she's as loose as you could possibly get
Akane is eternally tight because she is a goddess.
Go home sensei

Here me out /a/

What if Kaworu was a girl

Would she become best girl?
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Fuck off Reifag
Fuck off Asukafag
Fuck off Gendofag

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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we like it

I like it

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Would you watch death metal lolis by KyoAni?
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You lost me at death metal. Then again at lolis. Finally a third time at kyoani.

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So, she was supposed to turn out to be criminally asymptomatic at some point right? There is no other explanation for the shit she can endure.
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her crime coefficient reaches 72 at some point in the second season so she's not asymptomatic, at least not in the same way makashima is, but the implication is that she's able to channel her stress differently than most. while sybil's influence results in a population that for the most part overreacts to stress due to the increased safety, akane is unique in that she doesn't crack under pressure and maintains her strong sense of justice/concern for the well-being of the public, which makes her an ideal inspector
Didn't they note at the start of S1 how people no longer get stressed out or am I misremembering something?
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I dropped it at this point, does it get any better later?
>oh no someone is immune to GUNS
Quality writing this.

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You think either Kaoru, Shiho or Aoi will be mind controlled at some point?
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That's still going?


Shiho a best
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Yeah, they're a bunch of teenagers now.
Never. Nothing bad ever happens to them. Shiina only tortures the adults.

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Only one more to go!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDygS0a6Tgo

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>Only 10 episodes
did it flop?
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anything with a title like that i destined to be shit
>Super Lovers
>no about a superhero couple fighting crime
I didn't watch it because it looked gay,and not in a good way

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Who is the prettier Newer Shinka?
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Mai. Right looks like an ugly Saber's clone.
Strange, the one on the right looks 'older', like it's a more polished take on early 00s style.

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