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get a load of this nerd
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That is one hot nerd that browses 2chan!
But she's cute.
I'd give him my load if you know what I mean

What is the worst thing that can happen to an anime/manga enthusiast, /a/?

>favorite artist starts to drawn vanilla
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being killed
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>find the best hentai manga you ever read in your life
>all other works are filled with futa
These are actually good things

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>doujin actually reads like an episode/chapter of the series but with sex
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I too love it when a doujin actually tries to represent the cast properly like with pic-related.
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>in the middle really good vanilla
>stop fapping
>>stop fapping

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ITT: post utter garbage shows with great OPs or EDs.
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weak bait

Who is best, and why is it Alpha?
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Alpha is best tier but my favorite robo waifu is this cutie.
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This qt
This manga is never discussed here,

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Post characters made entirely for the purpose of suffering
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Is this the best live-action, western adaptation of an anime TV show/film?
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The Wii game was pretty fun too. It was basically F-zero.
When it came out I was in middle school and was a little into anime and I really wanted to see it but I never did.
Came out around the same time as Dragonball evolution. Which I also never watched, with good reason though.

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Bonus points if you post a screencap
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Oh man, I loved Touch. It was such a good anime.
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Ore Monogatari.png
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La la la la ~ Oh welcome to the Japari park!
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La la la la atsumare tomodachi
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Wolf friend
Is the second Serval her mom?

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What's your definition of a perfect girl?
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Why, it's you anon
>She likes me
That's it I guess.
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WHO is Ougi?
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I always thought Ougi was the floating ball of words that ate shinobu's first minion, seeing as the ball and Ougi always set things straight
I thought so too at first but that's wrong apparently
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She is Araragi Koyomi

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megane thread
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You did not protect her smile.
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That's why Yuki-chan exists, anon.
Haruhi became passively aware of a problem, just as she later did with Yasumi Watahashi.
The Yuki-chan universe is an official work because Haruhi gave Yuki a place where her smile WAS protected. She even got a Kyon, Haruhi's ideal man.
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but that's wrong, yuki is happy and not a moeblob in the original universe
Her smile isn't worth protecting

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Why are there so many retarded rules in this world?
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Also, is there a rule against fucking the Haibane?
Just like the real world
>don't touch the wall unless you want to scrub our toilets for the rest of your life
>don't talk to the toga unless you REALLY need to
>Don't talk to strange birds
Where the hell do you live, anon?

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So which do you prefer:



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Imoutos fucking suck.
Imouto for anal
Oneechan for paizuri
Do not sexualize the imouto.
Do not sexualize the oneechan.

Sexualize the okaasan.

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