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Akewhore Himejima.png
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ITT: Overrated girls of their respective series
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Any and every tsundere ever.
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a shit.png
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ITT: Anime that completely wasted any potential their concept held
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Masamune tanked once the filler characters started parading in and wasting time.
>Focus on Aki, nice
>Focus on master, alright.
>Neko comes in, yeah ok.
>A fucking trap shows up. JUST
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sip aoi.png
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It's time for stuff
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I should go man hunting

"Okay, it's time for the hunt"

"We're leaving you behind"
Shell gathering
Rake ->
Where is the archive for past editions? I need to catch up.
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Comic 1


"My hems got wet"
"It's better to have short pants"

"But it's better to have a long shirt"

"They might have a peek at my low rise panties"
"It's about you, Shichijou-senpai!!"

Comic 2
Nail technique


"The shell broke"
"It's hard to control your strength"

"Line up here you two"

"When using the rake..."
"Trace it tenderly as if you were caressing with your nails"
"Uh... am I next? Thump thump"

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>tfw S2 never
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Samidare Beast_Knights.jpg
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get on my level

> tfw S1 never
if FLCL can get an S2 I'm confident
Never heard of it, sell me on it.

I certainly hope so, but after the plans for a manga sequel fell through I'm not holding my breath.

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What was /a/'s reaction to episode 3 when it aired?
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What you would expect. Why do you care anyway?
I'm writing about it in my thesis
Don't trust us for your thesis, we could lie. Just look up some archive or some random forum instead.

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>Villain is genuinely without irony a nice person
>Group of "noble villains" does not have "that one asshole they all hate" in it
>Main Couple hooks up before the end and the series does not degrade in quality at all
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>That villain that you hated immensely and you wished he/she got killed slowly becomes one of the good guys to the point where he/she saves the day

It's pretty nice when it happens.
Thick headed nice girl tomboy MCs.
>Character gets RAGE powerup
>Still loses

The best

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I'm gonna post the raws up here. Can somebody write the translations of each page down below and I'll try to edit the text in myself. Would be helpful.
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Page 1
File: 006.jpg (283KB, 850x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Page 2
File: 007.jpg (288KB, 850x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Page 3

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Can we take a moment and appreciate how aesthetically drawn the manga is?
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The art is way too stiff for my taste.
>forced movement
No thanks.
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>people disliking the art will never be able to draw even close to that

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>look at the clock
>it's 8:35
>the final episode of maid dragon is about to be uploaded
>november by max richter starts playing
>switch to IRC
>the upload notification appears
>violins fade in
>a minute of calm
>the music swells
>a deluge of DCC bot notifications appear
>you download and watch the final episode

idk what im going to do with myself without this show
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>flop dragon
Cute post, anon. I liked it.
>not Sarajevo

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Pure ranking

01 Neverland c.026
02 One Piece c.855
03 Kimetsu c.049
04 Black Clover c.097
05 Soma c.202
06 Saiki c.231
07 Haikyu c.241
08 Bokuben c.002
09 No.01 c.016
10 Gintama c.623
11 Samon c.068
12 U19 c.001
13 Hinomaru c.132
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It wasn't supposed to be this way.
You fucking shitty adults ruined everything.
12 U19 c.001

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God bless America
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giant penguin lollipop.png
3MB, 2000x2000px
No giant penguin in ep12.
Thanks hot pockets.

So what exactly does Sandstar repair? Does it prolong the friends' lives indefinitely or something? Or is it just the park facilities?

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Is she best meguca??

Protip: You can't
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288KB, 850x842px

Oh, but I would.

Into the flood again. Hell yes I would.
I want Mami to Tiro Finale me.
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Sisters are overrated. Cousins are where it's at.
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It's also pretty normal in nipnong land.
t. Texan
>non blood related
Its the same as if she were some random bitch

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Post Kon feet

This might be /a/'s last Urara thread, so make it count.

Kon best girl by far
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>last thread created during the same season it aired

Not a chance.
Chiya definitely has her appeal, and Koume would be the best seductress and flirt, but overall Kon is the best.

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