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Which OP did it best?




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94 OP2 and 2004
94 showed her nipples but I like the original song best. 97 was a mistake.

Should Kyoani have gotten 3gatsu and Shaft have gotten Maidragon?
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>shit studio adapting shit source material
Both would have flopped either way
>Shaft have gotten Maidragon?
No. But Takemoto would do 3gatsu better, he's pretty versatile.
why those character looks like a faggot on denial?it's like Shigatsu but worse.

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If the MC is weaker than his waifu and someone beats her up, how would he avenge her?
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By having the rest of his harem avenge her.
he gits gud
Buy a gun.

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Has a main heroine ever lost this hard before?
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probably not that hard but
well the heroine of fukka died
I'm confuse, what do you mean by "lost"? If by that you mean ending up with the MC, then that's totally a win. Yozora had tons of problems and the first step to fix her life was leaving "Taka" behind and move on, ending up with the MC would have been the "bad ending" for her, but she managed to actually get friends and fix her family problems, also winning the lottery helps but hey, that's the best the author could do when she was in dire need to rush the ending.

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Is this really one of the best animus ever made? I'm liking it so far but I can't feel that "GOAT" vibe, I'm at episode 12 and so far my main complain is that there's not much of a linear plot. Is this just another case of Attack on titan where people actually praise the anime for it's technological novelty rather than for being good?
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Watch more anime

fuck off because im not asking if I should watch more animes or not. Stay on topic
Haven't read that word in years.

Anyway, I guess you aren't a newfag so maybe you don't feel that awesomeness of Cowboy Bebop, since most people that praise it are either newfags or oldfags that used to watch it on TV and loved it.

But y'know also its praised because of the director and the animation, not for nostalgia and newfagginess.

So I guess I would recommend you to try watching more old anime and then watch this or get into more scifi anime and then go back to this one.
Also depends on your tastes on anime as well, you could like other shit like moe and mecha and this anime is not your thing.

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Why didn't any of you faggots tell me how good this overwrought girly melodrama was???

Also tomoko is best girl.
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>not Saint-Juste or Mariko

>liking drugs-tan and abandonment issues-chan

Rubbish. Tomoko is one of only two girls who isn't a complete basketcase. Second best girl is Kaoru-no-kimi.
I would've liked it more if Rei didn't look like a man

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>an otherwordly being stalks an innocent college student, castrates him, and leaches off his money and happiness for years before finally forcing him into lifelong bondage
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"Oh My Goddess!!"?
Government brainwashes lolis to fight terrorists


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what a euphonium.
Fluff-hair will always be there.
Kumiko is ugly and disgusting.

Couples that go at it like rabbits when the audience isn't looking.
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kanye is a lot cooler than other kyoani male MCs COUGHPHANTOMWORLDGUYCOUGH

people call me a /u/ fag still despite me saying that kanye + sento is good

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kotomi best seitokai yakuindomo
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One-trick pony

There are a lot of SYD characters with funnier scenes than her.
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Her retardness makes me laugh the most

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ITT: Edgy characters that were edgy for the sake of being edgy.
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DR3 was the biggest mistake of a year full of mistakes.
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DR3 was such a mistake, the only good thing were the threads and the live watch-along.
that's not true, the SoL shenanigans in despair were great

but yeah, it was a mistake

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cock goes where.webm
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Have you guys watched Gantz:O yet?

Good movie.
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>you will never transform into a literal titty monster
Visuals were good, Osaka girl was cute.
I liked it. Really well made. The ending was shit and felt forced, but I can understand why they did it.

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Why does Saitama put up with this bitch?
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because he is a pretty chill guy
What would sex with her be like?
Like fucking a badly drawn child

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Have you ever experienced this betrayal, /a/? How did you deal with it?
Non-pure waifu thread.
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Well, my waifu is canon into vore, still trying to get over that.
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Waifu is a canon mega slut, you learn to accept it
My waifu used to be a prostitute and has had several abortions.

That's right... I'LL SACRIFICE GOD!
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Is there ANYONE who can even remotely control our boy Kaiba??!!
No one can control him. He was absolutely awesome in Dark Side of Dimensions and stole the movie from Yugi IMO.
And he still lost

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