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Just finished this. I'm so fucking mad. Fuck Hiromi
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I agree, Ai should have won.
Noe is objectively best girl you piece of shit

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I work in Japanese computer company, created new service for you.


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What's it do?
SAO thread
I'm not clicking that shit.

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Would you agree to become a cute 2D anime girl knowing that on a regular basis countless fat, sweaty, greasy otaku would be masturbating to you?
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you're assuming this does not already happen in my current form.
What's the catch?
that's actually flattering.
don't know why women flip their shit by knowing men masturbate to them.

Find a flaw
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>being Umaru
trips confirm, fuck off OP. I'm sure there's already 2 other umaru threads already.

Umaru must conquer the frontpage.

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0. It's unlikely that Homunculus outside of special cases like Irisviel can actually naturally bear children.

I would like to thoroughly and exhaustively test that theory.
everything is possible through the power of Cock

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Why didnt anyone scanlate galko manga?
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>scanlating coalburner: the cave painting
Not in the current year.
You should support the official releases my friend. The first two volumes are available now at your local bookstore for the very reasonable price of only $14.99 each.
Next question, why doesn't anyone scan those?

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*blocks your boxing career*
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*Killls you*
Carlos didnt get away so easy
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'accepts all the punches with my face then pass through when you're tired'

What did you think of this?
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Better than Daibuster.
My favourite anime and better than Diebuster
It was great, almost as good as Diebuster.

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This manga needs more love
Also, Zhao BTFO, calling it right here.
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Why do you watch harems?
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For cute girls, duh.

Because I've lost control of my life.
Because it's a man's dream.

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So... i watched the 5th (?) episode of Kuzu no Honkai

Hanabi is basically a dumb bitch in her puberty who wanked a random dudes dick because she felt like it.

Does the anime get any better?
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Shes dumb alright but "mein feelin", try to laugh at them rather than taking the series seriously on some parts.
just drop it.
kizu no honkai is a permavirgin's attempt to explain normie sexuality

make of that what you will

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Is there such a thing as tasteful fanservice?
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>tasteful nudity
>tasteful fanservice
Napes, arm pits, bellies, knee pits, ankles
Tasteful, fan service for the thinking man. Swimsuits, panties, up skirts, nudity, that's all trash.
If you don't think tasteful nudity is a form of fanservice you're a retard.

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is this the ugliest hairstyle in all of anime
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>Childhood friend
>Losing to a fucking belt
What the fuck

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This counts as anime, right? It's a Franco-Japanese production.

Have you seen it? What did you think of it.

I caught a few episodes of it when it briefly aired of YTV, and I was very intrigued.
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>This series was originally broadcast in English/French.

Fascinating stuff.

Just did a bit of reading on it there to get this, but previously I skimmed picking it up because I always thought it just wasn't available online yet in original nip. Gonna pull the rest from BBT and give it a whirl, I guess.

Actually given a look at some peoples thoughts on the English dub, it seems to be horrific. I guess I'll hold out hope for a Japanese dubbed version with subs, or even a French with subs version.
I remember some of the world designs being cozy as fuck

I was about to read this, and someone told me that the anime was better than the manga, is this true?
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The manga is very good and worth reading for the missed stories, but yeah the anime is much better.
Huh. Thanks I guess, I'll watch the show before reading it.
They're both worth looking into IMO, although it should be noted that the manga scanlations are terrible.

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