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ANOhana slut under.jpg
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Why are sluts attractive?
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Experience, lad
Girls who are aware of their sex appeal are golden.
Girls who wilfully choose to degrade themselves are also golden.
This sure is a great anime thread.

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" Anime director Yutaka Yamamoto, also known as Yamakan, recently announced a new perk for fans who participate in the crowdfunding for his upcoming anime film Hakubo (Twilight). Fans donating more than 500 yen would receive the utmost privilege of Yamakan unblocking them on Twitter.

However, Yamakan was forced to remove the reward in less than a day, as the crowdfunding platform refused to allow it. Skeptical fans also speculated that it would be very in character for Yamakan to unblock them and then immediately reblock them.

The remaining rewards include special character illustrations with a handwritten thank you note from character designer Sunao Chikaoka and a thank you phone call from the characters. "

From the Earth to the Cross, Anime's debt he paid
From the Cross to the Grave.
From the Grave to the Sky
Yamakan, I lift your name on high

Will you give Yamakan your shekels so he can save anime? We are 64% in anime saved status. 64% of the industry has been saved. Now we just need to save the remaining 36%
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>Skeptical fans also speculated that it would be very in character for Yamakan to unblock them and then immediately reblock them.

This is advanced trolling.
Is there a reward tier where Yamakan will kill himself ?
I believe that comes with failing to fund it

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Best time loop?
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Pink goddess
STEM grad here

If you say anything other than Re:zero you probably need to rethink your life choices
Why is she sitting like that?

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Was it better than K-On?
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>better than K-On
That is not an achievement
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It was bang
K-On was a masterpiece, this is trash.

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>Tokyo Ghoul Re

What went wrong?
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Ishida died after the Tsukiyama arc
Ch 1

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Hey. Scanned an anthology.




FURUYA Usamaru / KONDOH Akino / ENOMOTO Shunji / KYOU Machiko / KUZE Banko / SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki / TAKANO Fumiko / NAKAMURA Asumiko / NISHIMURA Tsuchika / YAMAGUCHI Akira / YAMADA Sansuke
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what is this?

A Tanizaki Junichiro anthology.
Downloading it for based Nakamura. Thanks, anon.

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Now, how do you scientifically respond to these evidences?
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"y-you too"
Post peer reviewed sources if you expect me to believe this bullshit.
The artist draws some of the most gorgeous legs I've seen.

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Card game Kino.png
1MB, 1279x718px
>Arc-V fell apart spectacularly
>Vanguard has been pretty shit for the last 2 and a half years
>Battle Spirits has had two shitty series in a row
>Buddyfight is Buddyfight

Finally, duel masters can take it's rightful place at the top. For a really fucking Japanese kids show, it's been far more entertaining than any other card game anime since the start of Arc-V. Just got a new season too where the MC's sentient deck box shits out new cards for him.

Anyone else watch these type of shows?
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Duel Master is crazy but it has no subs
I'd sub it myself if I could find good raws, its pretty basic jap.
File: DuelMastergirl.jpg (96KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does it have titty monsters?

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Is kimi no na wa the greatest love story ever told?
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Nah, it has love triangle shit in it, so it can't be the best anything.
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Stop making these threads.

The fuck is the third person

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You have five hours. What can you make to stop a Tsukasa?
Also, Yuzuriha a cute!
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A CUTE.png
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>Also, Yuzuriha a cute!
Came here to post this.
This chapter was almost as boring as hungry marie chapters.

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I just finished all of K-On, and I guess its time to kill myself because nothing will compare or fill that void
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Have you watched the movie as well?
I have, now its time to wait maybe a week and rewatch I guess
watch Yuru Yuri now

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Daily reminder that S2 coming this fall.

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It's not fair!!
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tomoko tears.jpg
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If some one has black tears, you probably shouldn't be drinking them.

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Sping 2017.jpg
1MB, 1220x3243px
So what are you watching this season?
What is your favorite show so far?
What is the worst show?

For me the best is Re: creators and worst is Zero Mahou, am watching pic.
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>Renai Boukun
>Virgin Soul
>Alice to Zouroku
>Uchouten Kazoku
>Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine
>Tsuki ga Kirei
>Re Creators

>Twin Break Angel
>Sakura Quest
My favourite is Little Witch Academia, but it's nice to have more Uchoten Kazoku as well. Watching those, plus Eromanga-sensei, Sakura Quest, Bahamut and Hero Academia.
Tsuki and Saenai is all Im watching.
But Im content there is way too much shit to do these days.

File: adz-luck-and-logic.jpg (523KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This show was alright for a card game adaptation

Tamaki was best girl
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File: WEG Luck and Logic.jpg (327KB, 1100x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WEG Luck and Logic.jpg
327KB, 1100x500px
This show would be really forgettable if it wasn't for best boy.
File: VY2Zc31l.jpg (21KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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His smug was great

Also Nemesis
He truly made the show great.

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436KB, 909x1300px

Chihaya unlocks her special ability, // Z AXIS \\
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What does that even mean
It's fucking cards
The heart of the cards.
is that Aoyama?

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