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Did everyone have a good Easter?
Also, Tawawa thread.
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Holy fuck.
Something something want to fertilize their eggs
You summarized the last 3 billion years on earth

Which one /a/?
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I'd really prefer Monkey, but if I have to choose between those three, I want Snail.
Hanekawa all day every day. Also braids and glasses is the best version.
The best one.

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anyone planning on seeing Mitsuha again? in Atlanta? If so wanna go together?

Also which Mitsuha pose makes you blush the hardest?
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>tried to find another anon to see it with
>no one lives near me
might be a stupid question, but why is it playing in theaters again? Didn't it already go through like 6 months?
Amerilards have only just got it in theaters.

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what the fuck do they even do in Avalon? It's just a bunch of grass and a gay tree, shit's gonna get boring fast.
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What's wrong with gay trees?
mana transfers feel great
There are fairies and you can chill with Merlin

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I want to protect Azubutt from Komeji. Stealthily, like a ninja in the shadows.

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This is a Kanna
She is the fattest loli
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Mitsudomoe says hi
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Not even the domoes can beat this.
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You underestimate her power.

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what you guys think about the anime so far ?

they are removing every fanservice scene from the anime... wasted potential.
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Big Kukuri sounded cute
>they are removing every fanservice scene from the anime
They aren't though. Or at least they didn't yet.
No they aren't. So far, they haven't removed anything. Read the manga.

This Katalina is now canon.

P.S. ep 3 is actually pretty strong. it feels lively and a bunch of cool chars like sturm and drang got to show off. it doesn't feel generic like ep 1/2
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>This Katalina is now canon.
(animeonlyfag here) What does it mean?
Kat is pretty much a serious character but she gets all stupid when she see's Vyrn
Check the april fools event for more examples of that
Reminder to ignore people crying about Djeeta

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I think people were waiting for this for a while.

[Side] Relax. I'm wearing something...!
59: Karura-sama and the secret room
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[Side] The Yuragi Inn was the target of an assault...!?

"Hey hey! Everyone's okay, right...!?"
"We are!"
"None of us have any major injuries"

"They're just in shock from suddenly expending their spiritual energy"
"So they've blacked out now"

"If they sleep it off and restore that energy"
"They'll wake up right away"
I'm at the edge of my seat, OP.
Everyone just wants to see that 1 page onwards

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>Subs delayed
>Raw is out

Chariot is going to fight for Akko's sake, Sucy is lost and Diana reads books.
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>Subs delayed
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Why is she so lovely?
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How would she feel if I told her the game was shit?
The mecha better be good.
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More reason for punishment for her gods of pleasure. All her suffering and it didn't even had a good purpose.

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What did /a/ think about this series?
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Funny and erotic
OP is good.
Ending is good.
Characters are likeable.
It was generic. Hestia was hot, the mc was a useless unlikable beta twat except for the last episode but people only seem to remember him from that one

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Do you guys want the Part 4 director to direct Part 5 as well?
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Let the voice of love take you higher and higher!

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7 Sins or 7 Virtues?
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Best girl easily

Note the polls are different.
>7 Sins
>7 Virtues
>all the same whores

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