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Precure Thread
Bestest Series
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I love this anime :)

real comfy atmo

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what is her name.jpg
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What was her name again?
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best girl
Junko Enoshima
An not Anne

Little Rem's descent into darkness

Latest WN chapter

Frederica and Petra’s Maid Days II

Arc 4 Chapter 128 from Summaryanon

Let's keep Rem vs Emilia arguments at a minimum this time
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Every thread until Rem wakes up.
>Let's keep Rem vs Emilia arguments at a minimum this time
I haven't been keeping up, who starts the shitstorm anyway?
ESL was the one shitting up the last thread
You`ll spot him by his you`re typos, and being a delusional Emiliafag

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Hopefully we'll get the new OP today.
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psychedelic tanuki
>Reused animation the OP
Glad they hired the same band though, even if the song is not quite as good as the first one.
Subs where?

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What are OLs good for?
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Tender loving and stress relief. Good drinking as well. Hot office sex in her OL outfit, just barely avoiding being spotted by her coworkers.
Tender loving and drunk cuddling
skirt and pantyhose admiration

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Business edition
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Which of the known heroes in this anime could generate the largest income per calendar year for sponsors? Also which hero would get which sponsor if you include irl corporations/companies?
I wonder, would school accept a student with an outright lethal quirk? Like killing with a touch.
I mean it is really interesting from social standpoint since if a strong willed person want to live violent life of a hero then his chances to become a criminal or murderous vigilante are high.
What would society do with those kind of people?
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What's her name again?
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Kimi no qt
Your Rope
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Mitsuha 35.jpg
254KB, 800x1131px

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Posting this little manga because I have a fetish for Victorian-era cute girls.
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ITT: Censorship
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Eat your cheeseburgers, Apollo.
that's not censorship, that's terrible localization
Thank you 4Kids for saving us from Japanese culture.

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Elves are for ______
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getting fat
Ending that series.Seriously overstayed its welcome.
Loving, hugging, marrying, having hafu elfu children with, etc.

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flavors of pig.png
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if you could make one (1) suggestion to SayoKubo for S2, what would it be?

HARDMODE: no wedding
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A sexually charged kiss scene, like Doukyuusei. I think I'd die happy from exhaustion while fapping.

But if I was to be unselfish and prioritize the quality of the series over my boner, I would suggest less skating, more character interaction. S1's biggest flaw aside from the animation quality (which I assume they will be able to manage better in S2, now they have time to prepare) is the pacing, because Sayo was insistent that every bit of skating be included. I respect her skatefagging but it was too unbalanced and the best episode had no skating at all, people love the characters more than seeing them skate.
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I want more lewd shots of Piggy.
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piggy's undercarriage is blessed

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Welcome to Japari Cafe how tough are you?
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>cerulean icecream
>10$ for some hotcakes

Themed cafes are scary
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Sana, Sanae and anons
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I want to violently shove my cock down Sanae's throat
>Zouroku relegated to side character
It's shit, right?
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But Sanae is a good girl.

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does Android 17 wear eyeliner?
17 is so dreamy
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real team U7.png
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Leave Pride Troopers to us

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At least we can all agree that regardless of everything else, the fight was actually fucking hype, right?
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>4 threads

AOTS deserves that much.

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