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What do you think about this pure succubus?
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Give her the fuk
Not enough porn
best girl in the wrong show.

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So how will Guts beat him /a/?

Do you think Miura will go full on edge & kill everyone like deveilman?

Will the moonchild really hold the key to "beating" him or is it just a red-haring?
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bumping for interest
Hopefully it will be like To Love Ru, where the author has a nervous breakdown after a bad divorce. The rest of the story is just Guts tripping over things and ending up accidentally falling into Casca's crotch or chest.

Sometimes various characters get bodyswapped, too. Farnesse in Casca's body = best girl.
Casca's autism will be cured then after a few chapters, gets killed off. Then Guts will go in a rage killing everyone in his party and finally sell his soul to the devil in exchange for power to defeat Griffith

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This is the only reason anyone would want to be around a loser like Yunyun.
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Now the real question is, why someone would want to be around kazumashit? He's a totally worthless faggot, a NEET and died like a bitch shitting himself
Yunyun a cute.
He's L*O*A*D*E*D though

money makes the bitches come around

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no eva thread, quick ! Start talking about shinji being gay and that rei is your waifu
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Rei is gay and Shinji is my waifu.
Shinji is my gay waifu and Rei is his waifu
Thanks for the rare Asuka.

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Aside from QUALITY, what do you think about it /a/?
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Hosoda's 2nd best film after the digimon movie.
Great film. Liked it better than Summer Wars or Digimon.
I rike it.

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literally perfection
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I need this in DVDISO. Why can't more videos be uploaded as the DVDISO instead of mp4.
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Uncensored release when?

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I am excited for Episode 90. Break Through the Walls, Goku x Gohan
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How mad will you be when SSB Mystic Gohan annihilates Jiren?
That would be the best thing ever
Vegeta Fanboys will be triggered

>this guy strolls up and takes a picture of your girlfriends ass

wat do?
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Tell him to zoom right in on the screen and then cum on his camera
Steal camera.

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Imagine if your three sisters were Tomoko, Gabu and Umaru.

How long it'd take you until you commit suicide?
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I would literally do anything for a sister

Don't fall for the meme. Having sisters suck, hell siblings in general. Fuck those little shits
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I'd enter them.

What is her power?
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Level 5 Dicksucker
she is actually number six
making my dick hard

I remember this anime being discussed a lot here even a year after it had ended, but I haven't seen a thread in a while.

At the end, did you like it?
Would you rewatch it?
Was it memorable? Why?
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Loved the visual and movies but was too dumb to understand it
Didn't you listen to the child from the first episode?
I felt like Ringo's sublot was interesting, but took up way more time than it needed to. Also, the series felt kind of directionless and only really started make sense in the very last few episodes. Overall it was fun, but suffered from a lack of a clear goal from the start.

What's the real life scenario if something like GATE happened? doubt we'll spent resources just to help couple of peasants.
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USA will barge in and take over if there's any resources to be had, that's for sure. The Japs won't have any say in it.
>Doubt we'll spent resources just to help a couple of peasants.
That's the front for the terrorism war though.
Also we have like a BILLION dollar R&D for a single plane type don't we?
>doubt we'll spent resources just to help couple of peasants.
Already happened now, sure will be the same there.

If your favorite girl wins the MCBowl, does that mean you're getting cucked? What are the benefits to her winning?
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Her happiness.
A chance for more porn.

Hinata got a lot of doujins after the ending.
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God, one thing is for certain, whoever won the "Rakubowl" fucking lost, what an awful MC.

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truly the darkest corner of the internet
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Erio a cute.

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What do you guys think that will happen
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new chap when?
It was all a dream.
The cat is alive.
His mother died to save the cat.
Where did you read that

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