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What was really wrong with this? I watched this back in the day and really enjoyed it, yet I come on /a/ and everyone says it doesn't exist
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Probably something to do with being released a couple years before the visual novel was translated so at the time it's shortcomings were probably not as obvious. Similar instance to the Studio Deen Fate adaptation that was released before its visual novel was translated as well.
tsukihime? haha *rolls eyes*
attack on titan is the best anime right now, get with the times
um, no sweety.

you need to LURK MOAR

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Revival of C when?
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>Revival of C
>Not Cell
>wanting a guy who jobbed to jobhan to come back
Fuck off
At least he's canon

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I only watched it back when it was airing as Case Closed. I want to watch the new 800+ episodes, though.

What's the quick lore/plot development summary I need to know?

>main char turned into a kid
>keeps secrit from gf cuz.. safety?
>thinks it's cousin
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better get started
im 100% sick of this series, mother fucker should be Shinichi by now, i promise you the series would SPIKE in popularity. Ive been sick of "Conan" being a kid for atleast 150 episodes.
Conan is already extremely popular

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This was great and all, but why did Diego have Johnathan's stand? And why did his horse have the joestar on its forehead?
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The World is Dio's stand. Jon's stand was the Hermit Purple-like thing.
Huh wasn't that Joseph's stand? Dio got the world by taking Jon's body.
Hermit Purple is just the Stand manifestation of Hamon.

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Why is Anri so best?
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nose dribble is cute!
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The author has revealed he isn't above sexualizing lolis, he needs to quit fucking holding out on us and make good on some Anri lewds. Naked kneesocks, panties and training bra, just plain naked, I'll take anything here.
I would diligently wipe her nose while giving her onii-chan dickings.
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That loli is so based, I want to hug and love her.

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Who was the target audience of this scene?
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People who like Femdom
beta males

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Hoes does TOEI CGI look this good?
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They cut costs everywhere they can. It only makes sense that they'd eventually use all of that saved money on something.
Well, that's not really that good. Good looking CGI is when you can't tell it's CGI so..
That's not even close to the upper end of Toei CGI.

Everybody finds love in the end
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of Evangelion™

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>celebrity brain scientist
>attractive, 18 and never in a relationship
>first guy who is nice to her, she swoons hard
How did no guy ever ask her out? Someone explain this to me.
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>Celebrity scientist
This doesn't make her as famous as you may think.

>attractive, 18 and never in a relationship
She probably spent all her youth surrounded by way older people and no fun. She's also a bit of an otaku.
Consider that literally everyone around her would feel like a pedo

Stop masturbating to me
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Never did, but that ass fine as fuck.
I have LITERALLY never masturbated to her.
She's only good looking in Kizu desu.
gee, you sure know everything

Please find this nice man a boyfriend
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So is Kevin gay? I really want to know what they're going to do with this.
I don't see any other explanation as to why he would get so upset at Ruriko using a rather intimate way to address Takuma.
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A part of me wants him to be secretly yandere for Takuma. He already shows the signs, what with nearly murdering Naoto. Everything in the main storyline has been pretty interesting, but now I just want to know what will happen with Takuma and Kevin.

Daily reminder that Casca enjoyed it
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>my areolas are LITERALLY glowing with pleasure
>But I am not enjoying this. No sir, not one bit.
>My pussy is FLOODED with natural lubricant which is meant to better enchance the thrusting of penis, but NOOOO I'm being raped retarded.
Seriously though, they'd better explain this shit in the upcoming chapters. Maybe she hated it, but on a physically sexual level it's very obvious she enjoyed that demon penis.
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What I want explained is Griffith's face mangled into oblivion by Guts

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LM soon.
I hope AM end up together.
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Endgame right here, brothers.

What happens here?
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Is the place where dreams and magic are born.

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Papikana > Papika
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>wake up
>check news
>no season 2
please help it's been almost six months
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Wait for flipcon
Why didn't Mimi just turn Papika and Yayaka into flowers?

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