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You just lost.jpg
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ITT: Comfy EDs/OPs
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it's a shame that's a half-duration show
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Tsubasa-senpai and Yuri senpai.
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Rate my wife.
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Anon, I believe that's a cat.

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Why is she so perfect? Why introduce such a perfect girl that has absolutely zero chance of winning?
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She's so fucking cute
>Cute tanned tomboy will get BTFO and there's nothing we can do to stop it

The world is cruel

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>Pain & Suffering for Diana starts in episode 19 (2 weeks left)

We're Dianafags now. Yes, including (you)
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Posting best witch
About to watch the 2nd OVA, what am I in for?
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We need to talk about this tremendous, wholesome posterior and waist built for rearing kids.

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Name one way you or a group of up of 100 could beat Onii-sama by any means necessary
Hard mode: You know nothing about his kind of magic, no Regrowth
Dante Must Die: Regrowth enabled, along with above condition.

Any wizard that can teleport Onii-sama to hell/deep space/the sun.
I ask Kira Yamato for help.

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read the meme Http://buyfags.moe

Don't ask questions !
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Stop buying with your dick.
So when buying with Buyee, do you guys consolidate your packages?

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I'm late to the Urara party, but did everyone agree that Koume is BEST girl?
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To be fair, every girl was pretty fucking cute.
Every girl except Nono.

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I love this series
and can't wait for proper scan of pic related
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*ep 4
where is the real thread
Ended just now. Might as well use this one but the OP will attract shitposters no doubt.

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Thread for those who are not Bortfags
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BRYA a best.
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Bert a best
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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Find a flaw.
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Penis too big
Cock too small
And not in my mouth
No yaoi-hole.

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are you ready for the Goketsu?
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Chapter 145
File: 145_02.png (234KB, 764x1198px)Image search: [Google]
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get ready for the feels
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New form when?
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Since I'm early I might as well say it first.

Gohan > Cell > Videl > All other characters period.
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Saiyans have enough forms, how about giving someone else a new form, like Piccolo?
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Okay guys, I've read their fight two times now, and I still don't understand all the subtleties of it, or even what was going at a more basic level. I feel lost, and I can't even follow Hisoka's genius deductions skills, even with his thought process written out. Can someone please explain to me what happened? How did Chrollo use his skills?
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Chrollo uses puppets to wittle down and distract Hisoka while getting in easy hits then blows him up. Soooo hard to follow
jesus christ

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asmodeus juice.jpg
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Would you drink Asmodeus' Love Nectar, /a/?

Also, webisode #3 since HobbyJapan hasn't put it up on their YouTube channel yet.

>yfw lubed up Hitachi wand
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ass to tits.webm
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Asmodeus is fucking CUTE.
>didn't show asmodeus' tits
fuk off
I've seen her tits years ago, buddy.
In fact, I see them every day.

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>hated Suzaku a decade ago because he constantly got in Lelouch's way
>have tremendous respect for him now because he struggles really hard to do the right thing

Has your opinion of Suzaku changed as well?
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Childhood is idolizing Lulu
Adulthood is settling with Suzaku
I thought they were both the good guys who just needed to come to terms on how to achieve their shared goals.
Not me. Although I always root for the cunning character in any show and dislike all who oppose him/her. I don't hate Suzaku as I did though.

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