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This will be the next Pegasus Saint in the upcoming anime.
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The moment they allowed female saints to show their face I knew the franchise was doomed.
As a huge faggot who secretly watched Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth at the time Saint Seiya aired and a fan of GRLLL POWA shows like Symphogear or Cross Ange, I welcome it.
>huge faggot who secretly
how new are you?

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It's comedy anon! C-O-M-E-D-Y!
Hopefully now all Gintama shitters will fuck off from this place.
When did this happen?
In the latest chapter

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What the fuck? How does such a retarded creature even stay alive? Oh and new chapter.
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is it retarded or is it actually the smartest of us all?
Praise be to the man of rape, also you gonna dump?

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jz0JcQYtqo

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I though so in the first season, but then it was C.C.
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she is a fucking whore
not true fag

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This is your bride
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>best girl
Where do I sign up?
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Good thing there's enough Kurumis to go around.
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H-honey, I have no idea what OP is talking about!

Shaft's portfolio is surprisingly solid, had a shitload of fun with SoreMachi even though it appeared to be their B-tier show at the first glance
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I need more Soremachi anime.
Kon seiyuu was pretty good
Shaft is a extremely great studio despite their shortcomings. Meanwhile everything KyoAni makes is meh and unremarkable

Kimetsu no Yaiba and Promised Neverland are being promoted in Japan streets
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More pics:
Promised Neverland https://twitter.com/brain_open/status/861404263557210112
Kimetsu no Yaiba https://twitter.com/brain_open/status/861380033448886272
I'm happy for both of them. They are being the current best Jump mangas together with Hero Academia.

Did we ever decide on AOTY 2016?
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Don't even need to debate it.
There is no "decide".
this chart is bad and you should feel bad

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how does this manage to be such a common jap trope?
is it required for samuri to only eat food that is prepped while also juggling knives?
is nippon steel so sharp that it can cut you just from looking at it?
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Tropes are moe.
>whatever I see in (((((ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA))))) is reflected of the country it was created in.
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kannas hot body smells like strawberry.
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Kanna deserves to be my onahole
Good thread, make more
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Samon 79
We come back with a color page
Also the new volume released
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I hate it. They look like robots
Why this happened?
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>Why this happened?
*"Why did this happen?"or "Why has this happened?"
Take your pick.
It sucks and it looks like shit, but it happens because it's faster and cheaper than animating crowds in the background.
It seems odd that they show them so prominently. When things are zoomed out or just briefly showing something, they don't really stand out, but it feels like the 3D background characters are right in our faces for long periods of time.

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Sloth is best girl
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You can die if you want to.
You can leave your friends behind.
Whatta hypocrite.
Shame interest in this series has died, it's still pretty good.

I blame KF.

Wow, what a fucking bitch.
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Shut up, loser
Fuck off. /a/ isn't for losers like you.
Wow, what a fucking cunt.

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This anime is a crime.
It is a betrayal of a contract.

When you watch an anime, you agree to a contract that says that anime girl are pure and don't have to deal with disgusting stuff like hair, poop, piss and smell.

This anime goes against that and boldly claims that anime girl do have in fact hairy anuses.

Why is this allowed? Did japan revolt?
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>2.8 MB
Learn how to take sane screenshots.
I'd still eat out that fairy shitbox, to be honest.
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how's life in zimbabwe?
how much is a Gigabyte of traffic there?

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