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Why is this allowed?
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Its funny because the show looks like Nichijou as well.
The same reason Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 starring Chris Pratt and Kurt Russell (in theaters now) was made
Because anime has to earn it's budget back somehow.

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I can't believe this was broadcasted in national television.

Anime has truly hit rock bottom.
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She is probably the worst character in the show, and all the characters are awful.
Actually the exact opposite is true
Wait is that really what she said? Should I be watching this show?

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>tfw no longer can finish more than 10 show per season
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go away filthy casual

t. only watches 1 show per season
OP is autism.
Please say something nice about him.
There's only 2 or 3 good shows every season.

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Is Yuyushiki the most kino anime?
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Turns out they didn't announce S2 in the event held last weekend. Maybe next year...

What's your favorite arthouse anime this decade?
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Wonder, I guess. I'm not yet very familiar with these kind of productions, and it's hard to learn because 99.9% of the anime community might as well not know they're even made.

>thread about "arthouse" anime
>it's a thread about actual arthouse instead of braindead shitposters using the word to describe random recent TV series
Where am I? Is this bizarro-/a/?

A great alternative history setting with unique avant garde direction and visual language
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>unique avant garde direction and visual language
Haven't laughed that hard since ages. We thank you that you exist.

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Hibiki is so fugable
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That's pretty gay, anon
Does it have a penor?

Did people actually like discount umaru-chan? The views on Crunchyroll fell off and my favorite youtuber says it's shit.
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kill yourself
>my favorite youtuber says it's shit
stopped reading there
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>favorite youtuber
It has cute characters. All of them are likable for their own reasons.
Don't listen to anyone else.
Thank you for adding to the discussion shitposter.

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Why Snufkin so smug?
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Because he is was intentionally written as
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Not really.

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Yahari threads are dead on /a/

is this shit even finished? I left the hype train like 2 years ago and then that Watari fag was going to realease the final novel or something
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I still want to kill that fucking cunt.

But seriously, fuck Watari for doing this.
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Iroha a cute.webm
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doing what?
how did it end?
jesus, i still have iroha crap in a 2015 folder
never ever

Be honest /a/, do you think Super has hurt the legacy of the franchise.
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Of course it has. The terrible animation already solidified that by ep. 5. Now with the writing hitting literal fan-fiction levels DBS is even worse than GT. It's irredeemable trash at this point.
Yes, undoubtedly so.
Of course not

Who was in the wrong here?
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>[HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - 18 [720p].mkv

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So he literally is just a poor man version of Tadokoro?
Kinda disappointing.
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I hate it so much.

Are you hyped for Eriri's arc?

Episode 5 PV:

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Eriri a shit.
Utaha a best.
No losers allowed.

Currently watching this and enjoying it a ton. What other shows would you enjoy instead of the crap that is airing recently?
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It had potential and yet it was such a delusion. Also
I'd rewatch most anime if I had somebody to watch them with.
Since such a person does not exist, I don't rewatch.
Zvezda isn't old at all.

Also it's shit but I liked it anyway, the characters were charming and the concepts were fun even if absolutely nothing about it was fleshed out at all. Also smokers deserve to be demonized in my opinion.

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why is this held in such high regards?

episode 7 running and i dont get it. its okay but nowhere near the hype.
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Are you watching one episode per week as you should?
about every second day.

i get its this 25 minutes plot of the week type of show.
Then maybe it's just not for you. Who knows?

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