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Reread Pluto recently, it was as good as I remembered. One thing stuck out to me as strange, though.

What was Ali doing in Amsterdam? Did Abra bring him somehow? Why this way? How'd they know this would be his weakness?
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It's not as bad for Pluto, but I find it impossible to discuss Urasawa manga 5+ years after they finish. No fucking way I can remember every convoluted bullshit twist.
Yeah, I feel you. I wish someone did autistic analysises of his work so I could follow along better. The best we have sometimes is TVtropes, and that's kinda sad.

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>BD sales are important
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>overseas becoming the main income of anime

I hope anime becomes fully replaced by pachinko machines soon.
It's not really a constant income.
Most of those are licenses, which can net you a huge ammount of money in a short term.

Merchandise sales is what you should look at.
The money is, and always will be, in there.

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>pick two of 'em for plot immunity against rape.
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Cow Girl and Guild Girl. My third pick would be High Elf Archer. Priestess can get gobbed for all I care.
Priestess is the purest. So why?
priestess and cowgirl
guild girl doesn't need it, she is literally surrounded by adventurers most of the time
elf is a shit who nearly got everyone killed, so no plot armor for her

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>an anime fetish that is universally loved
>no heated debates like flat vs fat tits
>everyone just shuts up sits down and agrees in dick unity

Does it exist?
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Puffy inverted nipples.

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How long has it been since the last time? Too long, I say.
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>Great world building and lore
>Good designs for both male AND female characters
>Characters only fight when they need to, focuses more on adventuring
>Interesting backstories for most of the important characters
>Good art and comedy

>Barely anyone reads it outside of Japan
Explain yourself /a/. Why don't you like Magi? is it because its not on Shonen Jump?
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I love Morgiana.
>Good designs for both male AND female characters
>Good art
The art is the main reason I haven't picked it up yet. I don't like it's artstyle at all.
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But it's my favorite shonen.

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Do you like Owari no Seraph?
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Season 3 when?

I need to know how my wife Krul is doing.
S2 went full retard
Mika best boy

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>Reading romcom manga, clearly swinging towards comedy side.
>Ten chapters in
>Scroll down to comments
>"UGGGHHH I'm SO SICK OF THIS!!!! Why can't (insert mc name) just get together with (insert love intrest)!!!!!!!>>>>:(

Newsflash idiot, they will get together, at the END of the manga. The manga is about their journey to becoming a couple, and once they become one there won't be anymore drama to fuel the story.
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dumpire sex.png
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Jitsu Wa disagrees
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Clannad disagrees
>final chapter of Mysterious Girlfriend X
>oh no, they are finally going to kiss...
>t-t-they didn't kiss! fuck yeah!
>scroll down to comments
>normalfags intense butthurt
>waaah 12 volumes and we didn't even get a kiss
>waaah what's wrong with the author

Homura did nothing wrong.
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Are we actually getting any new Madoka content anytime soon? I'm beginning to envy certain other perennial /a/ fanbases with their steady stream of new stuff to chew on.
She could have done it better

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How much time will have passed on the outside when they leave the island? What will have happened in the outside world in that amount of time?
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Threadly reminder that Miura will die before finishing Berserk.
He's only 50, so probably not.
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Challenge accepted.

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The music in this show is phenomenal.
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I don't like complicated things
Best OP.
OP and the BGM are both great.

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What is the difference between yuri and girls' love/shoujo ai?
Why are they two separate tags?
Also is it true that actual nips use shoujo ai to refer to old pedo x loli and not to girl x girl
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Yuri = actual relationship
Shoujo-ai = "just friends"
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yuri and yaoi are more like fanservice oriented themes

it's not like actual gay romance

like think of ecchi, or hentai, or porn etc... those are not the same as actually dedicated hetero romance media.

in the same vein; yuri/yaoi is more homo for the sake of novely/humor/fanservice than an actual gay love story or something

it's the difference between gay porn and brokeback mountain or something similar
>Why are they two separate tags?
Because some faggots like to pretend there is a difference.

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What does /a/ think about the Spider Isekai? The web novel seems to be going towards an actual conclusion (unlike other adapted WN....) and the manga seems to be going well. Anime soon?
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Only been reading the manga, possibly how much longer until Kumo reaches the surface?
The WN equivalent to the current manga chapter is 75. She gets out at chapter 125. But there were a lot of side character story chapters mixed in in the WN and LN version, not sure how the manga is going to handle those.
Anime next year I guess, I hope they cut shun's scenes like the manga has.

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My name is Ana!Hello, Anonymous.This is a letter.Thank you.I am at second house in Karuizawa.With Papa and Mama and my relatives.Every day, English is what everybody speaks. so I’m forget memory Japan Japanese language. Thank you!
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You sound like a nice young lady, would you like to drink tea and eat sweets on my house?
When you see onee-san again please tell her to stop smoking cigarettes, it's not very healthy and she'll never get a boyfriend if she keeps it up
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