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Anyone still reading this?

Just glad the arc is finally over.
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Now that this drama has ended I guess it's time for mc drama.

I think they're going to reveal their true identities to each other and the scientists will have to intervene.
I want to make the pushy pushy with my stinky winky to braids girl. Why no doujins for this series.
I want to see them think something like "i want him/her too much, i cant control myself" and then desperately kiss and make love to each other, fully knowing that they wont stay together for long.

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Daily reminder
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Thats not an upgrade. Thats Malware.
>tfw was not aware she voiced both characters because dropped memesuba 1 minute in after checking that terribad animation quality
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They don't have the same VA. They don't even sound the same.

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>no re zero episode today
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That's a reason to be alive
That means it's a great day.
>no sword art online episode today

ITT: Perfect Waifus trapped in bad,terrible,mediocre series
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She was so shit her love interest would rather have sex with his biological sister over her.
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I'm on Episode 8 so far. Random thoughts:
>Phenomenal OST, slightly better than Bebop
>Just as dark and gritty as I'd heard, but that's part of what keeps me interested, seeing just how fucked they all are.
>Ran deserves more screentime
>Organo sounds like oregano
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Is this a sequel to lain?
What are your thoughts on Yoshii?
He's pretty interesting so far, although I already know he's the villain.
Different world, but with Lain's producer, writer and art director. Ep 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13z425eeDt0

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Can I have a brief description of each Keion first hypothetical sexual encounter?
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I'm gonna need to know if you use an onahole or your hand first, digits-kun
My then-girlfriend (now wife) Mugi and I took each others' virginities. It was slightly awkward at first but all in all very romantic. We cuddle a lot and lately have been into gentle femdom.
bagina in bagina :DDDDDD

ITT: We discuss why Sohara was the best Otoshimono
Betafags can fuck right off.
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Ponytail, ribbon, big breasts, good taste in lingerie, wants some vitamin D from Tomoki, excellent choice for a fapfu.

Tell me, why does she wear the bra?
Because she's perfect

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ITT: pedophiles that got away with it
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I'm not sure demons can be pedophiles
The horns were fake tho, so it's ok.

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do you like Kimi ni Todoke?
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I thought it was cute, then again I read very little shoujo manga. It's kinda like Watamote, but a lot less crass and the main character isn't a piece of shit.
Typical misunderstandings shit with the progress of a raging river of molasses.
I started it and dropped it after about three episodes. Holy shit was that slow and incredibly generic. 26 episodes of walking through molasses with lead boots

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Final episode in less than 6 hours.
Ufotable claims we'll love it.
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I can only hope she'll show up.
>Ufotable claims we'll love it.
is that right?

Just finished P5 NG+, time to start a NG+ for her game.
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Why have they forgotten him? And why is he too good for Zestiria?

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Anyways, time for stuff.

60: Protecting 200 people
[Left] She's worried in her heart and she can hear her brother's voice from afar...
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"Inosukeeeee! This train is no longer safw"
"Protect the people sleeping!!"

"This whole train has become a demon!!"
"Can you hear me!! The whole train is a demon!!"

"I knew it... it was just as I anticipated"
"Now apologize to me since I'm your boss!!"
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Breath of the beat

Fifth fang
Mad rip!!!
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"I'm gonna save every single one of them!"
"You oughta prostrate yourselves before me!!'

"Inosuke-sama's driving throooouuugh"
The 'mad cleave' is a technique which slices everything in all directions. It's optimal when you're surrounded by enemies

Change to 'mad cleave'

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>those aesthetics

The 1999-2006 was an absolute mistake.

Why did literally everyone want to fuck her?
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She's hot?
She's a she?
norma scum!

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Ichigo is now female (female)

Same personality, headstrong, dumb and socially autistic.

Is Bleach better or worse?
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Probably the same.
>qt shinigami adventures
>female is stronger than most males

It would be fun.
Still really bad, but there's one more pretty girl to look at, I guess.

Does Ichigo go the yuri route or does she hook up with Chad?

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Papika scares me
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you have 883 seconds to delet this

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