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Why did Shinji see Rei during this scene?
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Cus Rei is God
He was schizophrenic. Everything happened in his mind.
Because this happened before.

>1st anime I ever watched
>12 years later
>hundreds of series later

and it's still the best anime I've ever seen. heh.
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WHO are you QUOTING??
Kinda related to OP but is there any point in "getting into anime" if you despise all this moeshit? Is there anime for adults still being made?
Yeah, the stuff you despise.

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Just watched the first episode of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan.

So, it's like Lucky Star but the girls talk about their nipples, anal hair, and bowel movements?

Is the whole show this based?
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its not lucky star
its slice of life
Is more the spiritual succesor of Azumanga Daioh.
But this show has boys in it.

>the hollow empty feeling after finishing a series that was actually good
When's the last time you felt it /a/
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Now you should read the Visual Novel so that you can understand that the anime was a shit adaptation.

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Black Hanekawa thread
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Please continue

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The main protagonist of the last anime you watched is coming to beat you up. What are your odds of winning?
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If he's in his car then I'm dead
If not then I think I can take him.
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I am already dead
Well shit

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Have you forgotten Kon?
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[x] touch fluffy tail
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Chapter is out.
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Goodnight sweet prince
Goodnight Ymir I'll always love you
This memory thing sucks so much. Looks like it's going to be yet another reason why Bert existed only for Armin now.

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>new episode came out more than 6 hours ago
>still no subs
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learn japanese or shut the fuck up
I'm not THAT autistic yet
recap episode retard

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>main guy hires people to rape her
>actually tries to rape her himself at one point
How romantic
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It's okay when the guy is hot.
I think this show has some really good comedy for shoujoshit
The one thing I can give this story is that it helped bring male tsunderes into the forefront. But that's just me being generous here.

It might be what helped shaped modern shoujo, but damn if I hated every chapter of it.

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This is your bully for tonight
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Ai Uehara.jpg
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Why aren't there more JAV actress renditions in my japanese mango?
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I don't think the fact that a huge number of Tokyo women (it's like 1 in 4, or something) have done AV is something people are proud of.
That number can't be accurate.

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This is Satsuki.
Say something nice about her.
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She has the cutest sister in the world.
I bopped my bipper to you last night
Nonon is better

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Because somebody was asking when new chapter comes out two days ago.
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So I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time, it was actually my first anime, although I've known all the memes about it for a while.

I have one question to ask? How the fuck does anyone like Rei? I don't want to be mean but holy hell is she boring, not only is she not even a fucking human, but she's like a talking corpse with no personality traits at all.

How the hell can anyone say she's best girl? Not that Asuka's alright, she's bitchy and a bit of a skank but at least she's a human and acts like one?

What exactly is it about Rei that some people like? I'm dying to know.
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>my first anime
Not even a Reifag but you need to leave.
Get out
But I need someone to explain it to me, it's not like I hate her, I just wonder how/why people even consider her a romantic interest when I got the feeling she was something akin to a clone of Shinji's mother or perhaps sister.

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