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Left or right?
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Neither, they look happy with each other.

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Chapter will be out on May 11th. Looks like Saitama returned, also Suiyu is crying
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Was Murata streaming, is he still going
nah he is already off air
suiryu went from being top of nob players to nob of top players

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Saitama is back
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> posting that when ch2 of isekai Yamcha just came out

what is this db thread saying it is opm thread
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I want to climb on Garou's Rock Hard back!

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This episode is the purest distillation of Mamoru Hosoda's craft, carrying with it a singular vision of Doremi's life in relation to time, indecisiveness and regret. It's a re-contextualization of her environment to something unfamiliar and more intimately conveyed. It's the peak Hosoda experience with its introspection and mono no aware-esque melancholy in regards to the premise of the show's world and the fleeting nature of a human's lifespan compared to that of a witch.
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What's with the all the recent shitposting about this show? Is it just one guy?
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How can one episode of TV anime be so good?
/a/ always loved Doremi, if that's what you are talking about.

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Gintama question
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It should be Shinpachi.
If it isn't and it is that faggot from the jap-cops I'm going to be pissed
Glasses and the Blonde faggot are both losers. She deserves better.
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According to the time-skip movie, Shinpachi turns pretty badass in the future.

But I agree with the sentiment that Kagura is so good that she deserves the absolute best.

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now we wait for translation
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What is this?
Dump the chapter here anon. Perhaps someone will tl it.
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Would you a Ema ?
Also timer until into the vr/a/ins
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>Zexal killed YGO on /a/
>Arc-V revived it
really made me think
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>Yoshidad did Zexal
What does it mean
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this picture sums yugioh pretty well

is this worth watching? it's the only trigger anime i haven't seen
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Lurk more before posting.
It's somehow even worse than Kiznaiver.
Watch it and find out.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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so I decided to try out manga for once, this shit is fucked up
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not fucked up enough for me

I mean, she's still a virgin

underage girl smashes her dads head with a bat, is raped brutally by whole school, then gets her throat slit in front of her brother
It's a pretty bad manga, even by hardcore edge standards

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Vento Aureo anime when?
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Next year probably

*blocks your path*
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I'll give you 10k yen to fuck off.
I'll get drunk with you, but only if you promise to kill me.
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*injured kaiki noises*

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Childhood is believing democracy is the best for humanity

Adulthood is seeing that autocracy is the way to go.

Also LOGH thread
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Good job saving that thumbnail. I'm real proud of you.
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>YWN be Hildegard lover and ruin the Lohengramm dynasty forever.
It's not like you can't use google too

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>More Bukiko next episode.
>She has a figure of herself.

I'm not ready.
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I am.
I love this show.
I want to bury my face in her breasts.

>clearly drawn and written to be nothing but cute, with sex appeal the furthest thing from KyoAni's mind
>treated as a sexy character by the fanbase and in fanart

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Is this your first anime?
Is this your second anime?
Nope, but it was one of my first 20 or so back in 2009.

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