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Fuck you

I liked it
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It was good right up until the point where Haruhi had to show up and ruin it all.
Must i watch Haruhi if i want to watchi this?

Find a flaw.
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Won't spoil if left untouched.
I love Emilia.

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How to survive now that nyaa is dead?
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Try google
tokyotosho for anime and mp3
anime-sharing for vn and eroge

Life finds a way.
Going back to IRC too.
I hear there's going to be a replacement for Nyaa.

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Could Master Roshi have beaten Child Goku if he did not hit his head as an Infant?
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Child kakarot is to op
does child goku have an artificial moon, or can he only go ape mode once a month?

roshi slaughters him in the latter case and probably still wins in the former through being a sneaky bastard.
He could only go once a month

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>OP theme plays at the final battle in the final episode
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I actually liked it when they did this in SnS 3
Don't mess with the Loli.
And it was the very first OP too, maximum hype. Back when JC Staff still was good.

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Both occur in mediavel settings with major threats, Which would you rather live in?
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Well attack on titan is the better series, so AOT.
>Both occur in mediavel settings

SnK is set on the early 20th century. At worse the walls are stuck with a mix of early to late 19th century fantasy tech, as much as the king allows there to be.
Attack on titan isn't anywhere near medieval you actual retard

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Why was the anime adaption of this so poorly received?

>because the manga sucks
Be that as it may or not, hyper edge gorefests usually go over pretty well even if the material is trash.
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I fapped to the death metal in the OST. Is that so wrong?
No, it's fun to embrace the edge now and then
Because the manga sucks

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>named Vicious
>carries a murderous looking black bird on his shoulder
>uses a sword
>dresses in all black and has white hair
He's incredibly edgy and ridiculous. Was this intentional?
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No, they designed the character completely by accident.
He was actually supposed be very meek and soft-spoken. But certain things got lost in translation during production.
20-odd years ago that was pretty badass.
20-odd years ago The Crow was also a thing.

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Is there anything this man can't do /a/?
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I don't think he can stop longing. I wish it was something concrete so I could give it to him. I really just want the guy to be happy.
Go back to writing good movies apparently.
Make a good anime.

Why does the reverse trap never win, /a/?
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That would look gay to the outside observer.
Because there's never been a character in a show with a reverse trap that deserved her.
So whats the problem there?

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Oniichan, buy Umaru tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2!
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MCU shill in MY /a/?

stop living
Yondu dies.

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Has an anime adaptation ever been a bigger waste of time with its handling of the story?

>this is Masamune he wants revenge on this flat chest who rejected him when he was like 5 and a fatty ding dong
>hey look flat chests maid wants to help ok
>now here's 10 episodes of Masamune putting his plan into action
>uh oh here's a new fatty ding dong that is gonna be a romance rival
>whoops ended up kissing your future wife
>here's some karaoke the end

No progress was made, nothing happened at all. And there's lot of unanswered questions for season 2 but OH WAIT
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Buy the mangaâ„¢
>The anime of a shitty manga was just as shitty

The manga is horrible as well.
The story is shit, why would you expect the anime to be good?

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Roast my waifu: Honk edition
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remember when they didn't get to compete in the love live because shes a retard with no self control.
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Not Maki.

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Why do catfags hate Senjougahara so much. I mean, most of non crabfags hate her as well, but seems like catfags hate her evenn. Are they butthurt because Araragi didn't chose her?
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They can't handle her
Dont worry all the characters are pretty shitty the only ones respetable will be kaiki and meme
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because crab's a glass of water compared to aged fine wine like the rest of the cast, anon

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What does /a/ think of Eureka Seven?
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I never came so hard in my life.

AO is shit.
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>AO is shit.
What the fuck went wrong with that show?
Best anime of all time. A fact which really underscores how bad AO was.

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