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What the fuck was this shit?
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There are people on this board, right now, who think this was actually good.
what was it even about?

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Now that the series has been gone to a conclusion, explain your thoughts, likings, and/or criticism of the manga series? Who is best girl? Did the long upload delay from the scanlators made you forget what was going on? Did you find the ending satisfying? And lastly, did you manage to waifu/dayghteru a character from the series?
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It was forgettable.
This, by the time I realized chapter 96 came out from the scanlators, I forgot what the fuck was going on. Took me a while to adjust my nogging a bit and remember what happened.
Nene is still best girl and daughteru
This I don;t even remember anything besides the girl being cute as fuck.

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Why did WMT have to die?
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Honestly, Miyazaki should just go back to that.
The most Miyazaki ever did for WMT were the backgrounds in Marco.
Kids these days, they don't know.

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Next video when
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He passed away so never.
When you die, he's been making vids on heaven youtube the past few years.
The next time you'll see him is when you're at the pearly gates of heaven or hell, and based on your taste against his. You will be either sent to heaven, or hell.

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what the FUCK is her problem?
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And what is your major malfunction, OP?
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>DUDE let's make Zorro clone but he's buffer this time

Why do we pretend Oda is a good artist again?
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>Why do we pretend Oda is a good artist again?

Only idiots pretend he's a good artist
Oda does do sameface sometimes, but the rest of the design is clearly different.
Oda never claimed to call himself a good autist

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Is Ryuko a well written character?
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>Is Ryuko a well written character?
Does Trigger even write scripts? From what I've seen they just draw whatever they feel like drawing at the moment.
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You need to stop making this thread my friend, haven't we given you an answer the last ten times you made this exact thread?
Am i falling for a copy-pasta?
Nakashima is a renowed screenwriter that usually works for theatre and live television, the lead writer of LWA is an industry veteran with dozens of series since the 70s under his belt.

What is it about autistic girls that makes them so
P E R F E C T ?
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You feel like you might have a chance.
Because they're the only ones you can relate to.

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female subaru

yes or no
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>Genderbending all characters
>Felix is female now
awwww yisss
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Perfect end.jpg
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.
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chapter 133 when

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Left or right?
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Claire a best. A BEST.
Claire a shit.
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Is Kaiji too moe?
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I'm in.
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Fuck I was about start a thread myself
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best girl is still best.

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Nina and Mugaro a cute
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>Also I'm sure my bro Kaisar sitting next to me wouldn't want to know either, I mean it's not like he TRIED TO KILL ME MULTIPLE TIMES BECAUSE HE THOUGHT I BETRAYED HIS TRUST AND AM RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FATHER'S DEATH
It's not like Favaro couldn't have helped himself with the second point.
The thing is he actually could have told his father about that transport. So he might have actually blamed himself. Or am I wrong?

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Is there ever a series where the Sensei wins?
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What does /a/ think about horror manga?
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They're mostly derivative of a core set of horror mangaka from decades ago with a few running devices. That being said, I really enjoy them. I find them generally easy reading.
Shit I didn't notice that. Fuan no Tane's the only one I've read, read all 3 volumes tonight in one sitting. Who else stands out in terms of this kind of horror? I really liked these short-stories having to do with exaggerating common paranoia.
is really that hard for people to edit pages with photoshop? come on what the fuck is that white rectangle on the baloon? fucking use photoshop

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