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>american pigs ayyy lmao
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wow that's accurate
not sure what's being implied here
>no niggers

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Two more days until story of best married couple will continue.
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Synopsis for new Volume:
>This time, there's a labor shortage leading into the hot spring's busy season, prompting Lawrence to hire a newcomer. But when she turns out to be another wolf god incarnation, the relationship becomes trying for Holo.
Can a kind anon update me on what's been going on in the S&W world the last three years or so?

I was on /a/ a decade ago when the TV anime was airing, but after the last novel came out a few years ago I've kinda lost touch. I gather he's written a couple more epilogues and some kind of spinoff about Cole?
That's about it, there's two short story volumes about Holo and Lawerence, and the new spinoff series about their daughter and Cole. Volume 18 comes in English officially next month, the spinoff in November.

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>well written characters
>intriguing storyline
>ruined by severe hebephilic and incestuous innuendos
Don't tell me I'm the only well-adjusted person with a normal moral compass on /a/
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I don't see any well-written characters and intriguing storyline here.
Don't start this again.
I meant relative to other moestuff such as Love Live, etc.

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This can't be Bahamut.

He's too small and Bahamut looks so much different.
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That's because he isn't Bahamut. HE'S THE PAIN TRAIN!
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>Everytime Lyria say 'whoa'
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This chapter came out before you were born and before "using that" overstayed its welcome.
sooooo... whats "that"?
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>he doesn't like "THAT"

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Can we have good old-fashioned Kinzo thread?
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No, this is now a Erika thread
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New episode today
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I hope Meteora shuts her mouth this time.
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I hope for more Chuuni.
Which one you wish his/her work would get actual adaptation?
>Mahou Shoujo Terrorist Mamika
>SAO but mecha anime
>Tales of Avalken
>either Persona or Jojo
>maybe it's Hellsing

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So which of them is better?
Also translation when?
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>Also translation when?

Chapter 6 TL

Chapter 7 TL by tomorrow.
Great edited version when?
Wait, I reconize this sameface. Has Okamoto Lynn come to save isekai?

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So we already halfway into season which show you still watch and already droopped?

Busou Shoujo
Frame Arms Giril
Hinako Note
Sakura Quest
Zero Kara

Bahamut Virgin Soul
Re Creatorsl
Sword Oratorio
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I'm only watching Tsuki ga Kieri now and I started with Eromanga and Alice shit.
Only watching eromanga for digi's podcast. I'm catching up with my backlog
digi what?

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how come she's flat?
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Because flat is justice.
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Duh, flat is justice.

Can we agree that she is best girl right?
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That's not Elf, so no.
She has the biggest rack, so yes.
The famous A1 sameface designs

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>watching subbed anime
>he hasnt been doing his drills
>has to rely on other people to translate his anime for him
>"b-but japanese is too hard"
>rips on streamfags but doesnt realize he's just as cancerous
explain yourselves
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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U T A H A.png
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If Grisha inherited the power of Founding Titan as Attack Titan then does it mean that there is possibility of decreasing the number of Titans from nine to one?
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>historia eats annie, eren, zeke, pieck, galliard, armin hammer, reiner/gabo/falco, and the ninth to become ymir fritz 2
>world restored to eldia control
>when hisu dies, everyone who dies is reincarnated
>happily ever after

How shit would this ending be?
what happens when a shifter dies and doesn't pass on the power? does that shifting ability disappear forever?
The power pops up in a new baby.

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>ftw the perfect anime/manga will never exist
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it already does though
>pic unrelated
Boogiepop and others, phantom sucked ;-;

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