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>There will never be another sports manga this good

Why live?
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Never saw the big deal about it, honestly. Characters are pretty standard, narrative relies heavily on a lot of typical weekly-sports-shounen kitschy superhuman stuff and predictable turnabouts, and there are some outright shitty parts like the Christmas Bowl and America arc. There are plenty of sports manga I prefer.

Only part of the manga that took me out of it

You can make a man 8 ft tall and break bones every tackle but start showing someadat Japanese racism and I can't help myself from losing some interest

All in all those it's absolutely fantastic as a shounen, characters are 1-D on the surface but usually have some hidden depth, MC has his schtick and they'll explore that as much as possible without suddenly making him buff or making him an all rounder. ONLY fucking thing I hated about the relationships was the same shit I hated with Ippo, shounen's and their love interests man, can never tell em anything about your secrets, or say you like them, pull my nose for 700 chapters and then resolve their relationship by like 15%.
I liked the characters, but the games themselves were so boring I couldn't finish it

Hinomaru Zumo on the other hand is always great

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explain O my rubber nen

and dont tell me to pic related
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It's Togashi shitposting in Shonen Jump and getting paid for it.
fuck off reddit
muck the feading ranga

yeah it's called "carpet munching cockblock syndrome"
this character adds nothing to the show
fucking worthless piece of shit
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What's it like to live with such shit taste?
you're part of the problem if you think characters like this that exist ONLY to ruin the fun of everyone else are okay
why do i always loose it when they speak english?

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>yfw Shadi is behind everything in VRAINS
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fuck, it's true
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Cum in Rin!
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Will Arc V manga give us the ending we deserve?

Will Kancolle get a 2nd season or what?
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Kaga as S2 MC
She kinda had a major role in the 1st season, I wanna see other girls specially more of Shima.
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It will, and my wife shall become its main character.

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I started using cccp then switched to kcp a while back, but hearing its shit now, what do you guys use?
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My toaster.

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I want to kum in Kumin

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Post two characters from different series that look same/similar
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Taiga and Tallga
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Maki-chan is cute! CUTE!
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Are you sure about that?
back to /g/ Mackers
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>It has come to our attention that there are a few handphone recordings of KUROKO BASKET movie being posted on YouTube, and we have traced the leaks (up to 8 min) recording to be from Malaysia.
>While we are still trying to re-build the trust with Japanese copyright owners from the previous SAO leak, now our anime community have taken another beating on credibility.
>Before 2010, we can only envy Taiwan & Hong Kong having all the best anime movies while we have none.
>The irresponsible minority is jeapoardising our privileges and movie enjoyment. We need your help to put a halt to such wrongdoing that is detrimental to future anime movie releases.
Wow, Odex is really going all out this time.
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>Today, we get to enjoy the fruit accumulated from 7 years of anime community support:
>(1) All the best anime movies from Japan
>(2) Early cinema release within 1-2 months from Japan's cinema release
>(3) Exclusive Fan's Screening movie premiums & Signature Cards where other countries (even Taiwan & Hong Kong) do not have.

>If you see someone recording the movie with their handphone, please tell them to stop and delete it.
>If you see a noble fan confronting someone recording with their handphone, please lend support and voice out the act of wrong-doing.
>If the person refuse to delete the video recorded, please inform the cinema staff, video recording in cinema is a criminal offence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Philippines.
>With your help, we would be able to build up our credibility again, as we have done before, we will be able to continue putting up the best anime movies in our local cinemas.

Once again the cinemas can't be assed to search for cammers themselves and expect the anime community to do it for them.
Kuroko vs Niggees.
Why is it always 3rd world SEA shitters?

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Tomoko used to be a genuinely sympathetic relatable character.

What the actual fuck happened?
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Realism happened. That's what happens to anons who don't have the balls to kill themselves.
Stopped reading ages ago. She wasn't really sympathetic, but she was relatable. I'm guessing she's changing and is not as relatable to you guys anymore, but you should have expected that; no way a series for youngsters would have a protagonist who fails despite wanting to change; that's too depressing.

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I haven't associated myself with anything Naruto since Chapter 700, The Last, Gaiden, and Boruto the movie. Don't feel like watching this new Boruto series, but I'm curious.

Do we know who his mother is? Is it Tenten? It's Tenten isn't it? It's Tenten.
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it's not
Lee reproduces asexually. It's one of the perks of having mastered the springtime of youth.
I'm willing to believe that Lee started budding one day, yeah

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In a Universe where all anime related media dissapeared, what would you all do with your lives/free time? If all the anime dissapeared I would literally consider killing myself. That's just me, what would you do? Pursue your dreams, get jobs, find a girlfiriend? I'm interested in what you'll answer.
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i dunno, maybe shoot up a school or some shit

probably buy another motorcycle

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Alright /a/ I have finally put all of my lightnovels I have collected for a long while and put them in a mega

see: https://mega.nz/#F!MN8CyRSJ!3syDNXVqTxz2BPXb5G38eQ

and thus I have decided to dump them here for all of you in case there are any that you wanted, they are all mostly PDF's and a few epubs

Most of these I created myself, the ones with more "complete" titles where ones I found but otherwise it was a lot of tedious work, Enjoy!
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What the fuck did I just watch?!
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KyoAni's magnum opus.
KyoAni's alpha omega.
Kyoanu's top shit.

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