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Ghibli is hiring new slave animators and background artists to help them finish Miyazaki's "final" movie:


No actual experience required. They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they?
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Just need to take one last shit on his grave.
>another "final" movie
I give it a week after that movie and he will come back again.

Why doesn't he just rape her?
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Because he loves her.
She asks herself that every night when she sobs into her pillow in pure frustration.
You can't rape the willing.

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Looks pretty good.
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>white hair villain

That's a dude right? So who is going to voice him since Suwabe is already voicing one of the mains. Sakurai?
Can't wait. I'm honestly looking foward to this. The premise of investigating miracle claims and trying to find scientific explanations for them is really interesting

This, Shoukoku no Altair and Kakegurui look like they might be interesting. Next season won't be so bad then.

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Kyoko suffered just a little more than Mami. They both lost family but Kyoko had a sister. Mami was instant while Kyouko had to watch her family starve before the tragic end. Mami found peace after making friends Kyouko had to watch her friend turn into a witch.
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Kyouko deserves better. She is too innocent
"Who suffered more" is just a pissing contest anyway.
I didn't mean to make it sound lile a contest. I just wanted to throw out the severity of their situation.

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I just finished reading Parasyte, did I like it?
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I love how meta these threads have gotten over the years
Yes you did

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To celebrate the movie announcement, we will have an official Rikka worship thread

Shinka fags and Deko fags stay away
Kumin fags can stay since they don't exist
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Kumin fag reporting.
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>cum in fag reporting
dude that's pretty gay lol

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This is a thinking man's personality type.
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deredere best dere
Translation: a stuck up bitch.

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Show me your ahegao face /a/
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but thats lewd
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Is anyone else looking forward to this? The manga is pretty funny and I feel like there hasn't been a great comedy anime in a while
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It's not that funny, mostly hit and miss, but it is worth watching it for the voice actors alone.
How do you think it would make you feel hearing Yuuki Aoi's voice coming out of a retard?
Yoshiko a cute

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lucoa fixed 2.jpg
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You're welcome
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Delicious chocolate.
the dragons have shapeshifting powers, they can look like whatever the fuck they want.
Gross, don't black her.

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Who's wearing what color?

I'll go first.
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A few of them can wear white, but when it comes down to it, only one can wear yellow.

>not wearing 5 pantsu at same time
Kuudere = Black resonates with me.

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ITT: actual protagonists
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reminder that you bumped a dying thread you didn't like to send a message to some anon who might've even forgot about this thread.
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No, I was making a joke about how Midoriya thought Todoroki was the kind of person who was a comic book hero

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dufort 3edgy5me.jpg
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ITT: Characters that legitimately had a good reason for why they were edgy as fuck
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Sounds like a typical reason for edge.
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What was that show that kinda sucked but everyone here liked the girl in it?
Pic related is fanart of it.

When the MC had an entire edgy episode that felt justified. I got off on it actually.
That's not why he is edgy.
His mom sold him for 10,000 dollars at a young age and from then on he was experimented on for the first 18 years of his life with hardly any human interaction and then once he served his purpose was sentenced to death until an edgy shota saved his life and promised him revenge.

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Have you /a/? I mean, the kind of love that makes you daydream about her and push you to better yourself irl? I know I have.
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Okay. But please don't try to blog about your personal life while pretending that it's vaguely anime or manga related.
Yes, Annie is best waifu
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Mei the bae.png
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Damn straight I have.

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Im at ep 5 and there hasn't been one dad. Now I flunked bio but I know that if there is atleast 6 girls and one mom there has to be atleast 1<= dad
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>I flunked bio
Guess that's why you don't know about the parthenogenetic behavior of the rural Japanese
You eventually see Hotaru's dad in like the last episode. Renge's and the Koshigaya's dads work early morning to late night.
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Hotarun papa is strict

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