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No one remembers anon, it's time for you to forget as well.
I didn't even watch past episode 2
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>s2 never

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reverse big three of really lame jump manga

shaman king
yu yu hakusho
saint seiya
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I actually liked Shaman King. Faust was best boy and did not deserve all this suffering.
It had more power level wank than Dragon Ball Z
replace yyh with hxh

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What did /a/ think of Trinity Seven?
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I find it strange that just about every character is more than a little dismissive about doing things that could get a lot of people killed.
Main girl looks most breedable.
How the fuck can a Trinity be seven

Why is everyone better than Aiz?
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CHA is her dump stat.
Being better than a wall is not a achievement.
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Fuck this bitch
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In some way, it was justified. She started to believe that she was the origin of the problems of everyone around her. If you thinking about it, it make sense.
she thought it was all her fault
Top 10 anime villains

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>I wouldn't know anything about that

Why was Shinji so clueless?
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What if he had said "let's find out"?
shinji a homosex
He had too much self-loathing to accept the fact that Asuka wanted his dick.

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>some episodes have a scene after the ending
>others don't
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>always close the episode after it "finishes"
>be on the 11th episode
>suddenly realize there's more stuff after the ending
>realize every episode had stuff after the ending
>feel obligated to go back and watch all of it
>most important part of the story all occurs in segments after the ED
Why would that mater, wait OP you're not one of those people that skip the OP/ED aren't you

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Remember to always use proper manners at the table when eating fish.
I am the fin of my fish.
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One day...png
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did somebody say BOOM?
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nope, but a lot of people say BANG
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did someone say BTOOOM?

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How can people argue about which gatari-girl is best when literal perfection exists?

She's just so head and shoulders better than all the other girls its ridiculous.
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>head and shoulders better than all the other girls
what did they mean by this?
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This. Perfection exists so why even try?
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>bratty attitude
>talks like an old retard
>literally less than nothing
>character song never
>stupid, self describing laugh

Who knows, dear Anon. Who knows.

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I want to kill everyone from this shitty anime
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It was truly garbage.
Did it suck that bad?
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>adaptation killed the manga scanlations

What is the most recent anime you deemed to be to a very high standard? based on the airing date alone and not when you watched it.
personally i think the most recent show that i would rate 8/8 was nisemonogatari (2012)
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Ping Pong
Define "modern".
Back in 2007 with Lucky Star anime was already "shit" and "dying".
nice blog

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Reminder that Himawari is for bort only.
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Reminder that burito is for Hawawa only
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I can't imagine how that little cute girl came out of Naruto's penis

So since the dust has settled, we can agree this was a bad show now right?

You guys just watched it as a meme right, you guys didn't actually enjoy this show.

right guys?

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It was a decent 5/10, so not bad
I enjoyed it
doesn't mean it's objectively good
either way who cares?
I actually liked it, a rather fresh take on a stale genre, with some unusual character developement, darker themes and a love triangle instead of a harem for once. I liked how nuanced the main character was, not a typical hero in the slightest, but he still grew and learned.
Not a bad show, not stellar, but pretty ok for an isekai.

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