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What's in the backpack?
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ragi's fetishes
A bunch of snails

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Murcielago thread?

How long until we get new stuff in english my brothers.
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Murcielago Vol04 Ch21 Pg04.jpg
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Seriously, I need more Lesbian Punisher in my life. Just got done reading the Rose-Colored Prison Arc and it was fucking awesome.
the last chapter took about a year to get translated iirc.
Better be patient

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Is there something wrong with me for loving this show?
Maybe it's bad, but I love Kirino.
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Have more confidence
Is this show good ive been thinking about watching it

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red leader.jpg
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I still watch Anime on VHS from time to time. Is this worth making a topic about? Does /a/ still have a VCR? Anyone here old enough to remember the fansubbing communities or when a tape with 2 Episode of Evangelion cost you $40?
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>not importing laserdiscs
Never change poorfags.
Lain is the only anime still worth watching in VHS, most of the time it's a pointless sacrifice of visual quality.
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Aren't you afraid of Laser Rot anon? VHS tapes won't last much linger as a medium either, but it scares me putting down so much money on laserdiscs when it's a craps shoot whether the disc is fucked or not on arrival.

>Lain is the only anime still worth watching in VHS

This man knows his Cantonese Flip Books.

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>ara ara MC-kun, your room is a bit stuffy
>how about opening some windows?

What the hell is this trope with anime mothers and opening windows? Even my own mother does this sometimes
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Your room smells like stale jizz
Air out your musky ball sweaty smelling room
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Angry loli.png
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You know damn fucking well what they mean to say with that.
Why don't you stop with those damn threads?

I know I'm a few days late but what the fuck did I just watch?

So guts is now a big brother to two children and a retarded woman and he also regards them as close as comrades that he fought dozens of battles with.

The ps2 CGI isn't even the worst part of this arc and that's saying something
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read the manga
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Can't, too autistic to read things right to left

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When did you grow out of hating moeshit?

I just watched a few episodes of this and thought it was pretty good, the characters were funny and adorable
What should I do now?
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Around 2011 just in time for madoka.
when i started to work and come home late and tired. i just need some cuteness and relaxed time in my life, action is too exhausting during the week
Watch the rest

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My little trap can't be this cute
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OP is a faggot in denial.
Consider suicide.
>implying traps are gay
File: 1494651668703.gif (947KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
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>broad shoulders
>strong jaw

Man, traps suck so much. They are cheap imitations of women.

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Red hair
Blue eyes

>isn't master race
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In LoGH, people without "von" in their name have inferior genes.
There's a reason for that
There was literally a second Hitler ~700 years before the start of the show
just watched this episode today. you almostt spoiled me.

by the way, today LoGH became a 10/10 for me.

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Remember when anime series didn't have a new OP/ED every five episodes?
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They still rarely do
I remember today like it was yesterday
They usually do after 12

Can we talk about the idolmaster series?

Who is this girl in the back with the huge fucking knockers?
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That's a cow
shit looks unnatural, but it's probably natural

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What's her secret?
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Do you think Kaede likes burgers?
what is this and how do i obtain it
Hot old hag

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Machiavellianism slap.webm
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Bitch getting slapped and being put in her place.
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This makes me hard.
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Damn I kinda wanna pick it up now.

Which Ichigo would you Mashimaro?
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These two
File: matsuri.jpg (15KB, 180x381px)Image search: [Google]
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Matsuri, but I'd only in a perfectly non-lewd way.

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hold you down.png
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ITT: Americans ruining subtitles.
What the fuck is "hold down the fort" supposed to mean? It'll fly away if one of us isn't holding it down? "Hold the fort" makes perfect sense, we're defending the fort together and the speaker can't do it for while so we have to step in and HOLD THE FORT!
Seriously, what the fuck are they even thinking when they say this, or worse, write it down? It's the same with "couldn't care less" and "could care less", do they even proof-read their own work?
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fuck off
>Look mom I posted it AGAIN!!
This has nothing to do with anime and is just you complaining about English dialects.

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