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Is Arslan Senki worth watching? One of my weeb friends tried to force me to watch it, but the first episode seemed boring and gay so I stopped him there. Did I make a mistake, is it actually worth a watch? I need the opinion of /a/ before I waste my time with it
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Fuck off faggot, I'm not obligated to spoonfeed you.
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no need to be a meenie

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Which one /a/?
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Yuki for hugs
Ryoko for fugs
The purple haired girl on the right.
Asakura obviously

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It's perfect!
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Actually it's duck season.
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It's sonzai season, you fag!
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Duck season!

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are y'all fuckers looking forward for the newly announced Saint Seiya Evolution?
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>Saint Seiya Evolution?
Saintia Sho
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It still has a chance of turning out decent.
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I'm honestly feeling excited about it

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Left or right?
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Claire a best. A BEST.

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What's your favorite happy ending /a/?

The one that makes you smile every time you think back on it.
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Didn't that have a really weird ending? I read it years ago and all I remember is a sense of 'what the fuck just happened'
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What's going on here?
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The only reason to download the BDs
Caster is looking for something, will you help her find what she's looking for?
Why was she dressed like that in this scene again?

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Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon is a really deep anime.Its show the struggle of a lesbian girl being accepted.Dont you get it yet?Earth means the lesbianism and Tohru world means straight or heterosexual.

In episode 12 the flashback in Kobayashi dream show Tohru in her dragon form stabbed by god sword.That mean Tohru couldnt stay there or else she'll be in pain.There's a lot of time where they say and show how Tohru suffered in her world.And repeatedly say she cant go back because she'll be hurt.The only people that could accept her are the one that follow her to earth that is her true friend.

And I mean c'mon could you not see it.Her father even said he couldnt accept it.And even kidnapped her!Forcing her to be straight!!.So do you agreed with my opinion if not leave a comment/opinion below.

*it not exclusively mean lesbian girl i just use girl because the main characther is girl it could be gay male or even trains.
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Did everyone forget this exists already?
I can't fucking read anything you said because of your reddit lines


Really? i made it like that because i thought it make it easier for you guys to read it.
Maybe that because im on phone

I know.

Read it and weep.
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>Minmay in the top five of any year
List immediately discredited.
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>Sora Naegino is on the list

I'm happy now
>minmay not first

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If Rei was capable of projecting an AT field that rivaled Tabris', why didn't she just use that to fight the angels instead of her clunky bio-robot?
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Because Anno is a hack.

Rei wants you to buy her blue hair dye that costs, $300, do you do it?
Did 00 even have a soul?
Did Rei I have a soul?
Didnt Lilith's soul belong to Rei since Rei I? Then how can the whole "00 has Rei I soul" even be a thing?
Rei has so many mysteries surrounding her.

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>suddenly full of fetish shit
Nice one Oda.
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time skip was 7 years ago
aaaaaaand it is not like Sadi-chan didn't exist
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There was hotpants boy in heels though.

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Why. The Fuck. Hasn't Chapter 12 come out yet?
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Yeah, another thread without anything new to talk about will fix it.
Literally just came out.

Now we gotta wait for someone to fucking buy it.

Oh shit, for real? Dope.

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So anybody gonna watch this?
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Watching dubs
Have we really fallen so far? Perhaps Redditch might be a better place for you to browse my negro newfriend
Maybe if they got some nice voice ACTORs instead of some guy they scraped of the street.
Well at least we know we will get an offical US Blu-Ray release.

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So she totally has a body horror damage regenerator quirk, right?
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First for toga is best girl
so are you fuckers gona pretedn you arent here?
How can Izuku save Eri?

He could try the stairs.

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There can never be too much of best girl
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um, bros?
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Real best girl coming through

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