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are we excited?
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idk, why don't you go ask reddit?
No. Teaser PVs are pointless and I've never watched a Devilman anime before but I somehow doubt it'll be as enjoyable as the manga.

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new game.jpg
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>less than 2 months til season 2
who else /hyped/
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>less than 2 months
>still haven't announced the new cast
Sure. I have no idea what else to watch and am only watching two things this season.
season one was the best hair porn ever. you can literally watch it all over again and just stare at their hair. i hope season 2 has great hair animations too

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ITT: Characters who probably aren't virgins
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Your waifu
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I don't know what you're talking about OP. Lina is pure.
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This is best girl. Say something nice about her.
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slut and worst girl
Small tits.
Extremely malnourished.

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ITT: Girls that ruined shows
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every main heroine ever
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This. Pic kinda related

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>it is now cool to shit on Your Name

sasuga /a/
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Keit-Ai doesn't find a way.
>/a/ like to shit on popular anime
i don't see how this is news to anyone, if you're seriously looking for opinions on anime that aren't completely fucking retarded don't come to /a/ for that.

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I'm thinking of rewatching one of my favorite animes but I'm worried it won't have the same emotional impact this time around, and that'll result in me not liking it as much

Have any of your favorite shows got ruined or loss their impact by rewatching it?
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No. Usually you'll see little things that you like that you forgot about. It'll also somewhat remind you of what you liked. If you didn't like it as much now, you probably are better at noticing flaws.
For example I went back to watch Hanasaku Iroha and saw that there were some bad animation here or there, but it was still great (for me). Other shows like Clannad, still have the "magic" of captivating you but you probably feel something different or noticed things like why did the director want this shot or get an "ah ha" moment. If you're talking about Lain, it's dense and definitely worth a rewatch.
No, I rewatch anime all the time I can finish a 12 episdes series in a sitting.

>literally just met
>she is somehow in love with him

Fuck this show, this shit is so fucking retarded it makes me want to jump out of a moving car into oncoming traffic.

Why do I look forward to watching it every week?
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>Why do I look forward to watching it every week?

The same reason my abuela keeps watching her retarded telenovelas. It's obviously bad, but entertainingly so.
>let me skip the part where she tells him that she's been stalking his work forever

Just because everything has an explanation doesn't mean that explanation isn't retarded. This is what defenders of OreImo and Eromanga Sensei consistently fail to grasp.

>It’s time for the counterattack
>Begin the White Queen crushing strategy!

>The strongest and most terrible being of the Unexplored-class which resides beyond the gods, the White Queen.
>There is currently no measure that can hope to match up to the almighty ruler of the world. The summoning ceremony and alternate summoning methods; the Regulation-class, Divine-class, and even the Three at the top of the Unexplored-class; even if one were to be able to make full use of all of those they would not be able to destroy Her. However, Shiroyama Kyousuke must do this.
>Therefore. If there is no way to defeat her, he will just have to make one.
>A new law to completely eliminate the White Queen!
>The key lies with Meinokawa Aoi.
>The artificial human vessel from the age of the First Summoning Ceremony is the catalyst needed to summon the original Unexplored-class made using the new rule. Together with the revenge demon Biondetta, Kyousuke heads to the Meinokawa shrine to meet Aoi. Standing there with an enemy is a vessel girl he was supposed to have saved in the past…!?

This translation might be a bit off, my moon is rather weak.
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>implying anyone reads this garbage

This is an anime/manga board, take your trash to /jp/, your shit doesn't even have an adaption
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Does /jp/ even discuss anything that isn't Touhou?
BS a shit. No one cares.

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How does one be this edgy over basketball?

My sides
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It's serious business
This is why I dislike sports anime/manga.
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Super serial

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Is Pochaco too big?
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If anything, she is not big enough.
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But anons already complain that shes too big
Shit taste I say.

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Want went right?
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Yes, all I've had today was went wrong. What ya got for me lad?
Would her powers stop working on you if you married her?
hell no

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Remember to arai your Arai after each use
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Actually, the majority of athletes uses bikini because it offers them maximum mobility.
Just because there are people who uses it for fetish does not negates its intended purpose

The vibrating stick is extremely common on porn. Does that make it a sex toy?
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Holy fuck, even astronauts are suggo~iing.
Give that one some credit. In a longer clip she figures it out after only a couple tries.

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How could anyone say no to this?
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Because I'm in love with Asuka-senpai.
all kyoanis are miracles

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Mai is complicated. She doesn't fit into any single archetype and her personality is hard to put into words.
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she is a huge dumb BITCH
>She doesn't fit into any single archetype
But anon she does.She fits the worst girl archetype
Reina > Koito > Mai > Kurumi > shit > Ruru

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